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January 16, 2007



Cats in a blender... ?

NBA vs NHL... ?

Sounds like my kind of website.


Just kidding.

Cats in blenders is not up my alley.


Happy in Arizona

Hey Chris, I give you ten bucks!That is...




Hey Chris! I have been battling a very serious addiction to perezhilton and tmz. Because that crap goes against everything I believe I quit cold turkey last week. But tonight I was jonesing for something light to break up the regular email/work crap and I found this site. Sooooo....I think I am going to become a regular viewer of this crap instead! At least this crap is cute and really, who doesn't like cute crap? From what I've seen so far, I do not advise that you let that horse of yours read the "crap" part. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your work. It is intelligent, provocative and just damn funny. So thanks for being the methadone for my celebrity gossip heroin-like addiction!
toodles from dartmouth, nova scotia,


the canadian kitty is actually cuter, GO CANADA!


canada rocks yay we love kitty and FREE HEALTH CARE


I'm not from America and I'm not from Canada, but I love Canada and the canadian cat is much cuter :D

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