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November 22, 2007


Scott from Toronto

No body hair - no bear


He's cute but what the heck is a gay "bear" exactly.


Bears -- by definition -- are husky or more and hairy.


hairy is scary.

i like him. he can be a bear if his little *gay* heart so desires!


The bear is on the inside, and that's all that matters.


Well, I suppose you could make an argument for bear cub.


He's sweet and has a sense of humor...I say all his gay bear dreams are ALIVE!


Bears scare me :(


Wow. I think that's the best response I've seen in a long time.

Bear or no bear, I think that effort was too much to argue with, Chris.



He's got the bear attitude, and that's all that matters.

Woof. LoL


all you had to do was ask ,chris. And you received even though you didn't. See chris your viewers are proactive.


to be a bear is a valid lifestyle choice. That Dudeiwantacar made this choice is a thing which should be celebrated.


lol im not or even consider myself a bear
just trying to play that role 8)


Well, no hairy chest means no bear. Maybe a "baby bear" for the beard (and the cuteness) but that's all.


Well, no hairy chest means no bear. Maybe a "baby bear" for the beard (and the cuteness) but that's all.


That was disturbing. And so NOT a bear. Questionably gay, too. My gaydar didn't go beeping off, anyway.

Phoenke (a teen girl)

Amazing. Slightly disturbing because of the panda's at the end. But still amazing. You just have to love YouTube response video's. They rock.


Gay? Absolutely.

Bear? Me thinks not.

But it doesn't matter - he's all bear on the inside. Doesn't that make him an Otter??

Love the attitude.




Since when do bears say, "woof"? Am I the only one who noticed that he may have himself confused with a puppy?


gaijingirl, the fact that he used "woof" is the reason why i'm sure he is a bear(in a general sense) because it is a term bears use. He has no chest hair but the beard is enough for me to consider him one. Also, I agree that he has the bear attitude ;)


steve are you saying that otters have bears inside them? apart from anything that would make otters TARDIS' (or otters and bears arnt the sizes ive been lead to believe)


i thinks bears
gots more hairs


ultimatly .... bear
first, bears don't woof .. mark against
second, bears are usually a bit more hairy ... but the bear within is what counts
thirdly .... gay ... I would say so
So two out of three ... bear!
Oh yeah ... GO RIDERS!!!!!

robin perry

Sorry he does not meet the qualifications of Bearness... facial stubble does not count. Plus 99% of bears I know including myself say, "Grrrrr" not "woof"

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