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December 13, 2007



The dog looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cutE!


I know a similar joke, but with a better punchline. A man goes into a bar and by the fire there's an old dog licking his balls. The man nods over to the dog and says to the bartender, 'God, I wish I could do that,'. The bartender shrugs and says, 'Give him a biscuit, he'll probably let you.'
On topic: it must be hard to be masculine when you're called Jody, so well done for the beer-and-dog stereotype.

Mary from Seattle

Gus!!! No one wants to see your kitty-zone!!!


haha very cute!

Mary Ann

They must be Canadian....

terry-from b.c.

ok lame.....


nasal porn


I live above Oregon, and I say Ore-gihn. but, then again, I'm not a native, so I'm probably flawed.

love the pictures.


My female dog will lick my male dog's pee pee for hours. The problem is that they do this in the middle of the livingroom in front of everybody. The worst part is that Grampa won't stop watching them. Maybe that's why no one wants to come over.


"Gus!!! No one wants to see your kitty-zone!!!"

Shouldn't that be puppy-zone?


"Gus!!! No one wants to see your kitty-zone!!!"

Shouldn't that be puppy-zone?


Or more like "tommy-zone" as Gus seems to be male.

Good that retrosexual beer-drinking old-time straight guys come out of the closet about watching CWC and break the illusion that all the guys who read internet are perfume-smelling stripe-haired metrosexual gay-wannabes in their pre-drizzled Armani shirts.

Thank you for breaking the illusion! And have a nice Christmas Time in ORRY-GUHN! ;)


Awwww!!! thanx this just made my day!Its almost as if the dog is saying..."dont look at me".


Yay for Jody and Gus!

Also, I am a Colorado native and I pronounce it "Organ". For some reason, it irks me just a little bit when my Canadian pals call it "ORR-ee-gone". However, I don't correct them because that would kinda rude. But I WILL post about it on the intartubes! :) I love you, Canadians.


That's the strangest pronunciation of Colorado I've ever heard of, Rosie.


i dont like this picture...its just wrong...eww


oh my god, i can't believe what I'm seeing.

very crazy


idk... he'd make a pretty good gay bear. :-\


Instructional video for cat owners


i love the picture of the dog sleeping with the man. their bond is so sweet

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