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January 29, 2008



break a leg or watch your step.


A white tux with sneakers--very classy.


Chris I understand the pens are on they on their way to Scranton - this might be very bad. I am 20 away and will pick them up for you - however I think Suck it Crazy Guy - notice there is NO "pen"! Lori


I guess no limbs will be getting machete'd off while wearing the crisp white costume?


Omit they and add minutes?! sorry lori


I love that you're still in your suit.
I hope you wear it non-stop until the show is over.

I know I'm not able to attend the live show, but man, how fun would it be if there was a Cute With Chris after party!

When you come to Canada and do your show I fully expect an after party.


I think someone just likes their suit a lot


Nice white suit with well used Tennies... awesome! lol..

Sarah T.

Hey Chris! I love your show, it's artsy, smart, urban and totally makes me smile. I'm also really digging the white suit. You look sharp. I wish I could see your show live. Sadly, I'm in a far away land called Canada and will not be able to attend. :(

Good Luck with everything!!

Sarah Thomas

Dr. Eric in Ohio

I agree with Meryl. I think Chris is milking his new look for all its worth. I don't blame him, I'd do the same. Counting the montage at the end of the last video, how many pictures have we seen of the suit now?

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself Chris and that the people going to the show wont have to smell that bunnyhug your've been wearing for the last month.

lisa gee

The suit fuckin rocks. Ten more pictures please. I will check this site 72 more times until i get more


You can never go wrong with old Nike's and and a new white Suit. You're making a fashion statement.


Chris, there's nothing tackier than a dirty white suit. I know you like playing with your new clothes, but take the suit off, put it on a hanger, and resist the urge to put it on again until tomorrow night. If you keep wearing it 24/7, it's going to be filthy by show time.


I'm getting a bit of a 70's LA detective vibe out of this one. A David Soul in Starsky and Hutch or guest starring in the Rockford Files kind of a thing. Maybe Huggy Bear can score you some pink pens. I just know you'll crack this case, man-- you're superbad.


Considering your audience I wouldn't go too crazy on pens.

Some idiot's going to stab his eye out with a damn pen.

Kelly Stern

I wish I was thin and sexy enough to pull off a white suit... it would help hide all the white dog hair from our pups...arggh... good luck tomorrow


God help you if you don't get those pens. Those kids will rip you apart!!


Elle, A crisp white costume is all the more reason to machete off limbs.

Chris. Get 8 hrs of sleep, drink 8 glasses of water, eat your wheaties, and spinach, drink milk, like a good Hulkamaniac, remember to breathe and have a fun time.

My cutedown vote is for the "Watch Your Step" sign...over the steps.

Chris in Guelph

Such anticipation!


haha! I notice the shoes too! :P


Hey Chris!

Congratulations on your show man! Break a leg opening night! I completely understand why you are so nervous, you need those pink pens to autograph viewers boobs!!!

You are going to score some serious pussy!

All the best to you!!!


suit + tennis shoes = classic

Dr. Eric in Ohio

Valtrexa, shame on you. Teenagers read this site.


valtrexa, shame on you.... chris' viewers don't have boobs yet.... maybe in a couple more years, but not now!


Well with the writers strike going on, that white suit is probably the last purchase Chris is able to make for a long time. Maybe those who are going to the show should take up a collection to cover the cost of the suit.

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