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January 30, 2008



Good luck, Chris! I can't be there, but we'll all be wishing you well. Get the kids their damn pens, bitch!

lisa gee

aaaaahhhh! Chris i just rolled out of bed and logged on to see this. why am i so excited? i'm not even going. i love these behind the scenes glimpses. i will be following all day. Pens Bitch!

lisa gee

cant you do more than one post an hour?


I know that one post said no cameras - but since I'm in Ohio - I can't be there. Will there be video footage of this show??? We all want to see!!! I hope you get your pens.


Wow! Excellent idea!
Greetings from Poland - I'll be watching you.


The suit beginning to look a bit rumpled. Columbo?


Good luck Chris! Brake a leg matey.


Oh no! I have sooo much work to do and I already check this site too much! Goodbye phd! Well, as it obviously works for Chris, I'll go with wearing a bunnyhug and sitting on a phonebook - that'll help me study. Right?

Good luck with the show My Lord, I'm looking forward to the updates.


If I had a Free Pen I'd certainly be less of a Bitch!


Break a leg, Chris ! Wish I could be there.


Hooray! I am revising for an exam on Friday and need lots of distractions. I have pretty much exhausted the fun to be had from solitaire and I haven't got another meal break to look forward to for hours yet, having just had lunch.

Courtney in Arkansas

Don't over work yourself with the extra posting. You need your rest so you can show Rhonda what you are made of. Hit her with your best shot!


alright!!! I'm so excited about CWC all day long. I totally didn't need to write that article about that stupid biofilm protein from pseudomonas today....
Break a leg tonight, Chris!


alright!!! I'm so excited about CWC all day long. I totally didn't need to write that article about that stupid biofilm protein from pseudomonas today....
Break a leg tonight, Chris!


Oh, I wish I could be there! But after looking over my budget, the plane ticket, hotel, and show ticket would put me over...damn! I'll be asking Jesus to watch over you and keep your suit its whitest white. Break a leg!


good luck chris, if it's a resounding success hop on over here to ireland yeah?


Ooh apparently saying good luck is bad, so um, break a leg, or get your inner child to chop it off - your choice!


My Lord,

Thank you for being so thoughtful as to give us hourly updates.
Can you also indulge your minions by giving one photo with you SMILING?

Or howsabout tugging on your earlobe 'ala' Carol Burnett?
This would prove that you also multitask and read up on your comments before your humongous/gynormous show. (minus Kelvin's pens)

If I'm asking too much, please cut off my foot. Oh wait, you're busy.... I'll do it myself. Now where's that dull butterknife?


I know you dont need it but Im gonna wish you good luck anyway... go get em tiger....


thanks Chris!!!!!
love you!!!!


I'm so excited for hourly blog posts! I'm home sick today, so I can just sit at my computer feverishly waiting for more CWC.


break one chris,

you fabulous pioneering bastard

Ed in Brantford

SarahS (suki's mom!)

Chris, you're so aweosme, THANKS! <3


You're going to be recording the whole show for webcast, aren't you?!?



It's wonderful how you take such good care of your viewers. This is just one reason why you are so loved. Or is it worshiped?


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