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January 30, 2008



Wow, Jesus is such a nice guy for providing you with red arrows. I love how I just refreshed your page and it was like POOF! new blog post.


Your life performance will gonna be great - no matter what you do: we love you! :-)

P.S.: take pics of rhonda!


oh, by the way we mortal fans (also handicapped by living in European time zones) expect a live transmission of the show via the internet - have you considered that? If not..all your dreams are dead and may T-Pain take over your reign!

Emily W

Can Jesus provide me with that lavender 70's Camaro? I mean, I didn't get tickets to the show or anything...


I'm so excited!!!!!!! I'm not even coming, I'm just super-excited that this is happening!!!!!!!

Keith Gabryelski

Wow! this is amazing. Can I take pictures during the performance?

/like any freaking guard is gonna control 100 teen girls with their freaking cell phone cameras.


On the subject of tickets, did rhonda ever buy a ticket?


The teen girls will hide their 5Mpix bling-bling cellphones between their chest bodyparts. The guardians better have X-ray vision :P


I hope there will be a video post of your event Chris, how exciting!!

I want that hot 70's firebird too



I wanna be an usher at the Hudson so I can frisk the 100 teen girls between their chest bodyparts! Good one, Janne!

I love how everyone is so excited about tomorrow's opening night, even those of us who will have to live vicariously through the huge number of blog posts and comments that will surely follow!

Any chance the run will be extended, milord? I hope you will charge for tickets next time, so you can afford to buy some RobotCat® chow...

You're the tie that binds us 4.39 million viewers, Christ! Knock 'em dead when the curtain rises.


Okay, feeling a bit jealous now ;)

Your show's gonna AWESOME! Best of luck, you so deserve it :D


Okay, feeling a bit jealous now ;)

Your show's gonna AWESOME! Best of luck, you so deserve it :D

Emily W



Hey Chris!

Congratulations on your show man! Break a leg opening night! I hope you have practiced autographing boobs with those pink pens man!

You are going to score some serious!

All the best to you!!!


Hey, and why. my lord, are my comments suddenly blocked? I am 3000 miles away and totally incapable of stalking. Pour quois mon lord?


OK, now it lets me. Anyway, break you'uns laigs. Now that I can say that. Now. What?


...If the theater forbids the use of cameras, how will Chris show the masses video clips from his LIVE show?! T___T


Thank you for the belly-laugh, Chris!


I thought it would be great idea to translate
cutewithchris show into Korean, because
Korean Youtube opened last week! :)
Enjoy Cutewithchris' show. :D
한국분들 한번 둘러봐 주세요 :D

Natalie from Toronto

good luck!!! enjoy it everyone who is going!!!


Best of luck tonight!

I hate everyone who is going.


Break a leg tonight, Chris!

I can't wait to see the video recap!

Little Ben

I think we need a more complete description of this "ejection" process. Will miscreants be bodily hoisted by their collars and belts and unceremoniously cast into the gutter? Will their crumbled cameras be kicked into their weeping, blood-stained faces?

Pray tell.


Dear Chris,

You will kick some serious ass today, I hope like hell rhonda shows..... so that everyone can boo her

oh and btw, I hope that that's your car out front in that picture, cuz damn baby that is an instant girl magnet.... or at least a me magnet

I'll be rooting for you over here in Belgium!!


Dearest of Chrises,


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