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January 31, 2008



I wish, just sometimes, i didnt live in the UK


Mmm... jailbait...


Oh, what Freud would do with analyzing the viewer pen trend!!!


Yeah, never wished I lived in California til CWC Live! Come do a show in London Chris! But you better book a big theatre so we can all go! I've also never wanted a pen so much...


Analyze this photo

1) Cleavage
2) Pen pointing towards cleavage
3) Sultry 'come-hither'look

Definition: She's yours on a stick, M'lord.


Viewer cleavage. Very, very, very, very young viewer cleavage.




I like quotagirl's response. :-) Naomi should also be in the sexy viewers segment asap.

Shawn Kelly

Huba Huba



Now I'm really upset that I didn't get to make it out there.


I'm envious of her cleavage! hot damn! :P


I just want to throw in my vote for Chris to COME TO THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST!!! PLEASE!


You know, I've watched people beg and beg and beg for CWC merchandise.

I want to open a store, either on eBay or cafepress or the like, so I can meet the needs of my fellow addicts.

The only reason I haven't is that I don't know how to get the royalties to Chris and I don't have permission from Chris to do so. I would not want to use his likeness or work-product without his express permission or in any way that does not benefit him directly.

Nothing in life is free, Chris, so I think this should be a carefully crafted business proposal complete with contracts. I want you protected from idiots like Kelvin. I don't know who your agent is or how to contact them/you other than email. I neglected to email this, so think of it as an open letter.

You give us so much, for free. We would like to support you, not only in love, but in monetary ways to give you the royal lifestyle befitting m'lord.


Man, chris has some good looking viewers haha, chris you should start living the rockstar life...if you havent already

Aaron Orear

As a member of the clergy, let me just say...HOTCHIE MOTCHIE!


What, she's sending you her pen? Is pen a new euphemism? Anyway, I want a pen. But a real pen, not a sexual favor or a festival of boobie grabbing instead of a pen, but a pen. Bitch.


sad really i didnt notice until people said something and i still dont care,wow i love my gf^_^

Jim Harris

Naomi -- you are so HOT! I was sitting next to your friend in the front row. I noticed how you put him between us) Sorry you had the pole blocking your view.
How did you like sitting next to the cameraman with "Death" tatooed on the back of his hand? Yikes! Scott said he might be a necrophiliac and use his right hand. I dunno. (Only kidding, Death!)

I just put up Part 2 of my review of the show, and I sort of give you your 2 seconds of fame out of your upcoming 15 minutes.

BTW -- Loved your gold shoes. :)

This should get you to Part 2, otherwise search for my "gunzorro" YouTube channel.

Thanks again Chris -- awesome show!


Can I still vote for Nami's boob? Only kidding.

She will probably hurt me later for asking this.


Also, nice video Mr. Harris. ^


I do hope young Naomi wasn't sitting in the first three rows....


Wow, you could probably hit this chick Chris if 2 things where not true:

1. She's young enough to be your daughter.
2. You were not gay.


A genuine teenager!

Although at that um... dangerous age where its legal, but just barely...



WOW what a hottie! Maybe I should move to long beach. J/K, besides with looks like that id be suprised if she didnt already have some very very fortunate guy wrapped around her finger. But maybe im just a pessimist : )

A boob's a boob. DANG ya'll

How come you never just show your avg. mid. age cat lady viewer. You gotta have the freak shows with sweaty pits and hot chicks with boobs all poppn' out. What about your normal female viewers that don't want to whore themselves out to you?

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