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February 29, 2008



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Single Kelly

I love the new style of laser effects. Chris is truly advancing the art of laser-making in and exciting directions. It's a revolution!


Oh, and I'm drunk, and just watched a show at the theatre I directed.

I'm an Awtist!



soo cute, that is until it pees on the keyboard and fry's the laptop. try explaining THAT to the guys at bust-buy,

Lori (formerly known as lorjer)

Hey this kitty is cute! (hidden message culty's)

Sarah aka KB

"Pay attention to me, not the silly interweb!"

I'd love to see the tech guys face when they have to take this laptop to get fixed because Bruno pulled the screen off!


why cant i find the page for the culty group, cult, whatever?! :(


regarding the heading- it actually wasn't Kool Aid that they drank in Jonestown, it was "Flavor Aid".


I'd like to see the tech guy's face when bruno brings in the computer after he pees on the keyboard and then shoots lasers through the chest of that measly, minimum-wage-making, thinks-he-knows-it-all geek.


i miss the old-school lasers :(

c h r i s s y

I'm with ya, Jo. :P

Sarah aka KB

Ximena - Culty can be found at

Bruno actually knows his owner is forever looking at other kitties on CWC, so he's pretending he's on the page, and look at the magic, now he is!


No food for days. . .please get off the interweb. Kthxbye!

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