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February 14, 2008



Oh my!


Dog look like owner...


that first one looks like "i hope that lady's makeup doesn't end up all over me."


Charlie is so cute I can't handle it!!

c h r i s s y

Charlie is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Number 2...that's what happens when you live in Indiana. Haha.


The moral of the story laydees.........

Get a pet!!!!!!
These women have 'PERMA-GRIN"
and it looks good on them!~




Yay for crazy cat- and dog-ladies!! Everyone go out and adopt an animal so their dreams don't die (along with their bodies).


Haha, they DO resemble each other.

Arloe from Regina

Does it boggle your mind, Chris, that so many lovely vivacious women watch your show, and love it enough to submit a photo?

I'm sure you are anxiously awaiting my crazy pet lady photos featuring me and my 3 cats and puppy.


I think I'm kinda scared of Mary, and in love with Charlie - soo fluffy!


I am so not scary. Just being eaten alive by a kitty I fostered...who had aggression issues. Tremble was dumped at an apartment complex (a $2,500 fined misdemeanor here) where he became a member of a managed feral cat colony with other dumpees who all were sterilized (no teenage pregnancies). Tremble also rec'd medical attention for an abscessed paw through a TNR organization. Despite his penchant for ripping into human flesh, I found this sociable boy a loving home where this delightful photo of me in wretched pain was taken. :) With daily kisses and pets, his evil ways have totally diminished. I wuv him.

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