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February 26, 2008



If they don't watch Cute with Chris, they don't get a TIP!

Sarah aka KB aka Krysia (confused much?)

I want one! The baristas obviously need to be led astray, no, I mean taught the way...


Starbucks coffee tastes like butthole. Over priced butthole


I don't need to be paying three quid for a cup of coffee. It's ridiculous! But this is cool.

Kelly from Pa.


Watch what you say about the Barista. That's Chris' girlfriend! LOL.


genius! Im ordering mine right now


I love how the guy has his arms open wide for a hug with that quote attached to it.


I applaud you


that's awesome. you're very creative. way to go public with your cult membership.


dude, i'm a starbucks barista and if someone came in my store with that card i'd be totally jealous. very nice


If *I* worked at that Starbucks I would throw in a free cookie or scone just for hilarity. AWESOME.


We are sooooooooo in need of a CWC store. How much proof do you need??!?


I'd never cash it in! I'd frame it :-)

I wonder if the wide-eyed black kitten in a previous cutedown (MORE COFFEE) would like getting one of those.


LOL!! I don't drink coffee, but that's mega cute! I keep saying "Hit that donut!" around my mom, and she asked if I need to go get help. Thanks a lot Chris, your highness, you have gotten me in trouble. lol! I'm still watching the show though, cus you rock my 16 year old world!! Go Chris, and "hit that donut!!!". rofl


I'm a barista too and I would loooove if someone came into our store with ANYTHING cwc related. I think I need to add quotes around our store (on sticky notes, under merchandise, or I could say "I like towels" as I give them their morning coffee...) I'll see if anyone knows where that's from.


i think this is amazing! god i love it!!!

Lara Lou

HaHA! I love it. I would totally spaz if a customer paid with that while I was working cash register. And apparently I'm not the only Starbucks barista who watches Cute With Chris :P

We should form our own branch of the cult...

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