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March 30, 2008



aht, bitch!

good job!




Genius! And captured the "chris-ness" of Chris.

Sarah aka KB

Another talented aht-tiste!

Dr. Eric in Ohio

Good job. I think this must be one of the more flattering depictions of Chris. He looks 10-15 years younger here.


Good drawing there Amy!! Though I don't remember when chris became a green alien ???


hahahaha green alien... LOL


Is that Adam Corolla?


Pens, beatch!


Ah, I like this one. PENS BITCH! Hehe.


If I could draw, I'd definitely spend my days in boring meetings doodling I <3 Chris and pictures of Chris and Colty with captions.
Great job!


Thank u guys for your comments!

They only took me like 10 minutes each picture... so like 30 minutes ish. They aren't THAT good. I am going to make another one and spend more time to make it better. ~Thanks for the comments!~

(I don't think it looks like adam corolla! and I *bleep*ing hate adam corolla.) I NEED to draw a better one to show I can make it more realistic now. It's coming...wait for it. These were just quick sketches...I'll show you.

Fuzz Martin

It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip.

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