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March 18, 2008



Now lets get slippery!!


Wow!! congratulation Chris!!


awesome chris!

( it just me or does the large red circle remind u of something... hit that donut!)


yea! Chris is Lord!

From a Full-Fledged Member of your Cult,


I don't have a video iPod. I have the clip on shuffle. But I'm still going to subscribe. Chris rocks!!


Chris, I like the new banner a lot! That dude was cool.
You are going to have to revise your always-accurate viewer numbers greatly now that the iTunes horde will be joining Culty. I bet you've totally lost count of how many black viewers you have, too! :-( The danger of getting too big...


i love that you are surrounded by crap on the itunes page...


haha nice.. what other ways have you designed your show to be viewed as? hehe


doesnt surprise me. you are the best!!!!!!


lol, it's funny that CWC is listed as explicit.


"At iTunes, we’re constantly on the lookout for podcasts that are breaking new ground with this medium, have new or unusual content, or just capture our interest. When we find them, we like to feature them on the Podcasts home page. While there are no sure-fire ways to get your podcast featured (and no, we do not accept payments for promotion), there are some minimum requirements. To be featured by iTunes, podcasts must have:

1. An attractive, original image that does not include the iPod or other Apple-branded content. For image specs, see the iTunes Image section below.
2. A robust and accurate description.
Proper language, category, and explicit tagging.
3. In addition, featured podcasts must be regularly updated with new episodes. We occasionally feature a podcast after its first episode, but we generally like to see podcasts with at least 3 episodes, and we like to see that the most recent episode has been added in the past month. Ideally, the episodes should be released on a regular and predictable basis. More than 100 podcasts are submitted every day, so it is impossible to feature all of the good ones."

one hundred a day -- that's 36,500 a year, my lord! a toast to one of the good ones.. proud of you & Colty!


Congrats, man. Your show gave me great comfort in the days when I had just started watching you and went through the archives on my iPod while I was suffering through the trailers in the cinema during my one-film-a-day phase.


Hey, is there any update on the CWC live show in Toronto in April??


Congrats my lord! I try to convert my friends but have only gotten my brother so far. I wish I had a teen cult machine.

Not that I know of, Carla, I'm looking for Toronto info as well!


thats freakin awesome, you must be really proud.

I feel that i must ask, i know you are a mac guy, but how would you feel about making cute with chris friendy to the zune?

i personally wanted to support microsoft, only because it provided me with many awesome platforms to pay video games off of, and i'm loyal. so i bought a zune.

Sarah (aka KB)

Interesting - a properly drawn circle... where's the squiggle i've come to know and love?
I love that itunes classes cwc as 'explicit'.


since we're discussing 'explicit' -

I'm a dedicated cult-member but I'm a little concerned about some of the language and content. I have a certain reputation as a leader in a church ministry and it's getting harder to share my love of Chris with those who love Christ.

It is kind of a joke, but, yes, teens watch this show. I was sad when parents started forbidding CWC - those poor deprived teens.

You know what? It isn't a joke to me - Jesus is Lord. I love Jesus.

Forgive me for exposing my fuddy-duddy side. Back to the snarkiness.

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