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March 18, 2008



Monica...Make your obsession official!!!

c h r i s s y

What device is that? Is that one of those fancy phones or...what is going on here? Haha.


Yeah, Monica!
I just realized that the initials of Crazy Animal Lady in Training spell CALT, which is almost like COLT, or CULT...(brain sparking)...I guess that makes our favorite little horse Colty, our CWC worship group Culty, and now, any Crazy Animal Ladies in Training can belong to Calty! ;-)


I carry chris around in my ipod as well!
and i'm bringing him [in my ipod] to the beach.

just a crazy asswhole

is that an iPhone clone?


You GO Monica! Preach on!


You'd be surprised, I actually found out about CWC from my boss at work. First week on the job and he told me I had to watch some of the episodes. Been a follower ever since :P Even got a few others to join me :)

Sarah (aka KB)

Ok ok already! I'll stop eating cookies and save towards a cult machine! Will a blackberry work?


I got converted by a co-worker.


I don't remember now how I ended up seeing CWC the first time but I do remember feeling the compulsion to watch all of the episodes ever made all at once in one sitting. It was a long day but a fantastic one.

Now I'm a dedicated, addicted cult-member. I don't have a TCM, but I do check on the computer several times a day.

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