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April 19, 2008



Not at all to the point, but that is just the cutest dress :D Where did you get it?

Sarah aka KB

Wow look at that dress!


Sounds like y'all had fun!

My fellow cult members got to see Cute With Chris Live, and all I got was this lousy inch of snow on the ground. :)


this girl is adorable.


That is the most adorable dress ever.


i wonder how it feels for Chris, to see that banner :)
I wish I could be there...

Sarah aka KB

Is everyone stalking chris in toronto? Why so few comments on this super-exciting day?! According to the Theatre Centre website, CNN are gonna do a feature including cwc live!


cwc ftw :-)

his last show should be about now :o
and i'm not there =/
my life sucks =/
for reals =/
cwc rules tho :)



oh no I hate being here :'( Even the inner child is at the show, we have the info, click my name *cries more*

Chris do updates again! Make me happy again.


cutest dress ever!


Adorable lolita style dress!
I want!


sweet kawaii~!


Now, we all know you're not supposed to mix strawberries with cherries after labor day


Yay for fruit! Kawaii!


Hey Chris, you're probably on stage about nowish, and I hope it's going GREAT! I'm so happy for you (and for me cause you're around to brighten every day) and I simply can't wait till I get to see you on stage myself when you come to Colorado! *stands up on desk chair clapping*


yay loli love at CWC live XD


cute. cute email to chris. cute picture. just cute cute cute. You are so lucky. :-)


Chris, your show tonight was amazing. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile! The part where you rode in on a that HUGE puppy was amazing!!! It must have been 35-40 feet long! AND it blew fire out of its ass. UNBELIEVABLE.


Fantastic show Chris!!!

Astro is right that dog was AMAZING!!!
How DID you get it to shoot the fire out of its anus?

I just posted new show pics at Culty.

c h r i s s y

Robin is just as cute as a button!!


Happy Holidays! :)


chriisssssssss you need to update usss! :)


chriisssssssss you need to update usss! :)

Sarah aka KB

I'm with you Emily! Chris, don't be afraid of us, running away won't help! Updates - we need 'em! I figure he's sleeping it off... so come to Culty for fan updates!


OH!!! i am so happy you got to go!!! and you are dressed cute like always i see! (i have you subscribed to on youtube! ^0^)

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