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April 19, 2008



The second to last time I was in Toronto, I was out late and walked past a couple of sidewalk speakers playing salsa. My partner and I, avid Latin-American dance lovers, started dancing right there. People stopped and watched. Some people joined in and before long we had a freakin improvised salsa dance party! We danced for like 2 hours, salsaing on the sidewalk and eventually in the street. A very memorable night. I freakin LOVE Toronto (in the summer)! The people there are incredibly diverse, yet so kind and spirited. Can't wait to get back :D

Hope you had an awesome time Chris!


Did you Culties kidnap Chris?

Sarah aka KB

I've asked all the culties I can get hold of, and they say they don't have Chris in the trunk of their car...but do we believe them?

Robin JooBin

Ah~~~!! Thank you everyone for kind comments^___^
I made the dress for the special day(+ _+)
Our Chris rocked both nights' show and I was too lucky to be there♡
I cannot wait for the update!
Ruby and I love you~~


Last picture I saw he was with the Culties.....and not a meow since.

Sarah aka KB

Don't worry, I've asked my fellow Culty members to let him out to update CWC, if they've acquired him that is...


:o you made the dress yourself? That's even better, way to be unique (like everyone else)!

heya Kas, what can I do to convince you I haven't kidnapped milord? I could not send you all kinds of cool parts I didn't cut off him :D



Chris deserves time off. Just hoped for a picture with message that he is surviving the Culty and Cute with Chris fans post-party. Didn't you all post a picture of a stretch molesterlimo?


Did Chris go to the after party?


yup there was a molesterstretch, you've been watching us closely :D Feel free to talk too! We're not scary at all (look at the kittens, you didn't see the bit about cutting chris up into little bits, look at the kittens and ... wake up). Join us :)

Sarah aka KB

lol there was a pic of a molesterstretch, but don't know who it was for.
Chris certainly deserves some time off, he could probably do with a week of sleep! Did you go to the show Kas?


I tell you, when you rode out on that 40 foot high puppy that shot lasers out of its anus... I knew we were in for a magnificent show!

And it was!

Thanks to you for the pens (bitch) and to the wonderful girls who gave out buttons (bitch)!


L. and S. aka KB

The show and everything about it sounded superb and you got goodies too. Didn't get to go; am a few thousand miles away. Missed the first one too but got caught up in the excellent pre-show and show. You posted your whereabouts and it was good to follow it. So take a picture and help him send a message with hope that he will update in a few days.


Well, I'm not a fan of the 'lolita' description (some of us have less than desirable histories, you do realize) but the dress and the woman are inspiring.The dress is okay, at least it's a representative of the '80's revival that seems to be so popular in America. Did I just say '80's? Oh, god, time-warp nightmare machine! Back to the new era, where are all the futuristic styles? WTH is taking SO long that we have to relive the 1980's. Need solution NOW! Porn is not the answer.




robin's dress is so cute! if I could have gone I would have worn sweet lolita too



the "lolita" description likely refers to a particular japanese fashion/subculture.


ps- and sorry about your "less than desirable" history

Bhutt Rettler

Will Japanese women ever learn that it's not cool to act retarded? The world may never know.


what does the sign say?

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