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April 21, 2008



Thank you Chris. You are truly a great actor. Life changing.... even if it is just about puppies and kittens.


Chris, i thought the show would be good but you really over-delivered. It went places I never thought it would and I'm still thinking about it today. That was one of the most bizarre thrilling energy crazy experiences of my life. I think you're really on to something. So cool. Thanks thanks thanks.

Holly aka astrologyrox

Thanks for putting on the show, Chris! I can't stress enough how much we enjoyed it. And I think the best thing about the show is that it is not JUST about puppies and kittens. There is a much larger story arc that addresses real issues in North American culture - although it only reveals itself subtly in each episode. Anyway, last night's show made that even more clear!

Excellent job, Chris!


We all loved it!!! when's the next show Chris??? could you do one in montreal? I hate those 7 hours bus rides!! but it was well worth it!!


You set the bar high for your show the moment you rode the giant fire-excreting puppy onto the stage, and it just kept getting better. All my dreams came alive. The show was very in-depth and enlightening and my throat still hurts from cheering. I am SO glad that you returned to your homeland! Thank you!

Bridgeen in TORONTO!

ANYTIME Chris. I would go to your next live show in a second! I too hope this is just the beginning :D

Robin JooBin

It was amazing!!
Both nights~!!!

Steve From Toronto

Hi Chris,

I really enjoyed the show on Saturday. It went far beyond what I was expecting. I think you did a great job making the transition from a guy in an apartment goofing around on the internet for a bit of career exposure to the stage. The story you told was interesting and important. I really look forward to what this evolves into. I think it is the beginning of the next big thing.

Thanks for shooting lasers from my dog Marty's massive bulging eyes.



I think that we got the more fabulous entrance on Saturday night. Descending from the ceiling on a disco ball is one thing, but riding a 40-foot puppy that shoots fire out of its anus is a whole 'nother universe of fabulocity! It was a great show, Chris--thanks for bringing it to Tronna! Loveya!!


I would have gone to Toronto if there were tickets available. (I'm in Ottawa.) I think for your next show you should book at larger venue. Feel free to come back to Toronto.. I'd go see your show!


Enjoyed imagining the disco ball descending from high (various versions to modernize it) and then came the forty foot puppy with fire! That was a long curly hair puppy of orange and white with glowing sunset colored flames, strutting his stuff with you on board. The visuals were great fun. It sounded like those attending had great fun.

Very glad to see that you survived the Culty and Cute with Chris fans post-party, too. I look forward to the video and more stories.


can't wait to see your vlog from the 2-day show.

Christine in Ann Arbor

Thanks Chris for having the show and sticking around to meet your fans. It was awesome!! Sorry I wasn't too chatty but I usually don't like connecting to others - I was all prepared to be "normal" but what can I say, I was in awe at your presence. I love you, My Lord! Can't wait to see the future of CWC.


You were fabulous Chris! Jennifer and I adored the show and were so happy to meet you afterwards.

Plus seeing your inner child there was just surreal...

Keep up the terrfic work!


CWC Live in Seattle, next? I would also settle for Live in Vancouver.

Oh how that would be awesome. I wish I could offer to buy you plane tickets to do Live in Seattle.

come to new zealand !!

Chris can you please come to NEW ZEALAND !


Dan Cooper

Cute with Mi'Lord in London. You know it makes sense.

Rusting Rabbit

Will you be selling said puppy on ebay?


I WAS THERE! RIGHT IN THE FRONT ROW!!! I dragged my husband along and he actually enjoyed himself!!! He thought Chris was hilarious!! Great show! I hope this thing blows up into something big! Chris, you deserve it!




MICHIGAN ....Come to MICHIGAN...I KNOW you can sell out the DTE Theater, I KNOW YOU CAN!!!

Robin in MI




Folks, It was an absolute amazing show! When chris came out on a giant puppy! it almost burned my eyebrows off (Considering I was in the front row) But to everyone, he probably wont be going to Seattle or Calgary or even New Zealand. He will probably stick with his shows in Hollywood and Toronto, maybe New York.

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Oh and the BEGINNING it is dear Chris - t!

Thanks OX


Enjoyed it very much. Thanks Chris! Was a great night!

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