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April 21, 2008



That's because most of us are 20teen +



I would just like to say that I (the one on the end) am 20! I know I know boarder line teen BUT STILL! But seriously me and Chris are like this... *Call me Chris* :D


I am seventeen :(

but I got cut out, I was to the left of the weird guy on the end in the pervy t-shirt.


OK, Saskatoon now.


Hey Chelsea! Remember me (far right)? That's almost the group that went to the burger place after cwc on Friday. Did anyone send the picture to Chris yet? I think he'd be pretty impressed that us culties came together and made friends just because of him.

Tricia from Tucson

Canadians are the sweetest...get over it...

i want CWC in Montana or Arizona...i'll make the arrangements... and try to get my fellow countrymen&women to be as sweet & kind as Canadians....Call me Chris.


I must say Chris,
I am certainly jealous.
I cant wait til you make it to Phoenix
I shall definitely be at that show!


Hey, i'm in that picture =)The one with the brown jacket, i also went to the burger joint =) i haven't sent any of the pictures yet, but i will soon =)


Look... Thats me! (person standing next to chris!!! on his left side!)

I rock!

Sarah aka KB

I wonder what Teen Chris was like...

Bridgeen in TORONTO!

Hey I was in this one too! Well sort of (I WOULD be.. if it were larger lol), I'm next to you Chelsea, next to the wierd guy in the pervy t-shirt. lol Damian.

Thanks for calling us cool Chris!

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Chris you're still a teenager...right?!

Raylyn in Kansas

Standing with the tiny teens really displays how petite you are, mi lord, though I am certain, you are not at all delicate.


It would have been pretty awkward if her(by her i mean the girl with Chris) hand slipped a little....If you catch my drift, lol.


Hah! She totally should have grabbed his a** when she had the chance! ;-)


It seems like everyone wants you to go on a world tour... which you should... remember MA :)


I must say that's a very unflattering picture of me. I'm on the far left. Wearing the pervy t-shirt.

I made some new friends that night, most of them are in the picture. One of us should probably send Chris the pics of us. I'm sure he'd think it's neat if he ever gets around to reading it.


Hey Missy,
I do remember you :P How could I forget >.> XD jk. I added you on msn but I haven't seen you on yet.

and I agree with you Bridgeen, and Damian. We do need to send him that picture.

Hi alyx btw, I added you too ^^


hahha I should have grabbed his ass! that would have been pretty funny


lol im in this photo 3rd from the right wihtth spider-man shirt


I'm amazed you weren't mobbed by your cult. How long until you're surrounded by bodyguards?


And next time you're in Toronto, I will be sure to e-mail you 31 times so you'll show my cat in Viewer Pets. If that's how I get my pet on the screen for his 15 minutes of fame, then that's what I gotta do...

(NotScary) Mary

*shift right* or is it left...I'm tired.

Austin Q.


Austin Q.


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