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April 03, 2008


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thats not real, i dont care what anyone says. you can defintely tell how this person has cut and paste.


Obviously photoshopped, very badly too.

Natalie H

Um, It's a joke. You're SUPPOSED to know its photoshopped. Very funny though!


It's so wrong of you, Cynthia, to make me laugh out loud here alone in my office when I was just checking in for a calming dose of cute.

You funny lady.

Sorry about the gas explosion. I hope your insurance covered it.


It's a shame that such a distiguished and fancily-named cat had to die so horribly. I'm sure that wherever Deux Visage is now, he's eating crepes with Voltaire and turning his nose up at "American slobs".

(NotScary) Mary

Nearly choked on my coffee for the laughter. Cynthia, you are hi-larious. Pretty, pretty kitty.


could have been if you would have made it more realistic ;P but yes, definitely was funny =P


You wouldn't happen to have the corpse still there would you? I'd pay a pretty penny for some special 2 faced kitty meat


I'm not usually one for using internet acronyms too liberally, but ROFLLOLAHAHALOZ!!!11!1

Give that lady a medal.

Kelsey A

Deux Visage? HA! Love it.

Matt Blank

I lol'd whilst getting ready. Deux Visage will be sorely missed...I guess.


Touché Cynthia, Touché


Love it. Goes very nicely with the triangulation sketch overlay (or whatever you call that thing) on Chris' banner.


Jpro: too awesome!!


I totally believe Deux Visage was a real kitty. The analysis diagram proves it!!!


You people are crazy! Photoshop!?!?!

I know a real kitty when I see one.
Poor poor Deux Visage. Do you have any cute pictures of him playing in a bag? From before the accident I mean.


Brilliant! Love it Cynthia!
So sorry to hear about the gas leak, you should really get that looked at. LOL!


Thanks everyone for the heartfelt sympathy. I wish I had more pictures of Deux Visage; instead I only have my memories. Fortunately, my dog, Dos Cara, survived the explosion and he is a constant source of comfort.

Shannon in SAN DIEGO

Hmmm...very interesting why do all the two faced felines come up missing? One "ran away" the other a very unfortunate "accident" no one can see them in person to verify their authenticity...hmmmm......
This is all in jest so if those unfortunate felines did indeed have these things happen to them then my condolences go to the owners. (hey, I gotta cover both bases)


LOL! Not so easy is it Cynthia?


LOL! Not so easy is it Cynthia?


Wait a minute! the eyes are different colours...hehe

I got a gas leak in my basement too. It woke me up with a loud noise this morning and both my cats succumbed...

Nice parody, Cynth...


BRILLIANT! Even your Dos Cara dog remark...kudos! thumbs up! HAHAHA!!! Awesome!


Wait a minute! the eyes are different colours...hehe

I got a gas leak in my basement too. It woke me up with a loud noise this morning and both my cats succumbed...

Nice parody, Cynth...

what a load of


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