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May 30, 2008



That's our boy! Thanks Chris for bringing him into his 15 minutes of fame!

There was a poem that goes with the car seat photo - written into our family scrapbook (cute people like cute scrapbooks, ya know!)

But I don't think the mob could handle it.



bahaha this is adorable. That's about how small I got my Hugo and Sophie... They're both bigger now.. But just as cute!

oh and,

Remember guys, everybody vote for Chris on the next cutedown!! I think I would be the funnies thing in the world if Chris was tallying up the votes and found his own name 500 times. I don't think he has a whole bunch of time to look at these indivisual picture comments, but don't go emailing him our secret little plan! And help spread the word! :D


did you use the bg music for the burj dubai for your trip to the library?

if not, who makes it?


Sarah aka KB

Oh now that's cute! Even the name of the breed tells you it's gotta be cute. I want a labradoodle just for the name!

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Labradoodle - LOL!

Shak - you should tell us the poem, this cult can stand ANYTHING.


Okay - you asked for it!!!

The Poem:

Our "little" boy is big now...
A Baby? Pshaw! No more!
Today we were in a rush,
as we headed for the door.

Now my car is kinda small.
No room for the crate.
But Parker HAD to come with us...
in my new Passat - Oh Great!

A bag would suffocate him...
too dangerous to drive and hold...
The child's too yound to handle him...
AHA! An idea of gold!!!

Quickly we found a solution...
and soon we spread the news...
if there's no baby in the future...
we reduce, recycle and re-use!


GAHHHH! I hate typos! "yound" is how I apparently spell "young" when I am in a hurry.


I Live an Hour Away From Winnipeg!
This Give me Joy to know there are fans in Manitoba.


OH, this is just too cute GaKKKK!

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Great poem Shakirakahn!

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