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June 18, 2008



Oh my god. That is so f-ing weird. And also brilliant.


Ian is a hotty. Where am i able to purchase an Ian?

Rd Lenix



my question is: where are the lasers? come on chris, get with it...


I always thought he wore shorts so we wouldn't see his naughty bits!



Mary Ellen

Ian the cat is kinda growing on me.


ian the cat makes me want to barf. and now this is what we get for a CWC episode? damn you ian !!!!!! damn you to hell!!!!!


Cute episode Chris! And Chris in a tux is always a good thing. But about Ian the cat - why don't they just get their own website instead of making you do their publicity work for them? (It's a funny bit though.)


V. funny.

Ian wears shorts because it's cold in N.H. Very few men will expose their naughty bits to scrutiny when when it's cold.

Love the dinner jacket and the fancy hair-do.

Adieu? Surely not!


The more I see Ian the Cat, the more I love him. I'm sending you my therapy bill! ^_^ <3


I want to be Ian.

Erika Greco

Still just as creepy and unsettling as ever.


Classy piano music = nice juxtaposition.


Nawww it's obvious he wears the shorts to hide his... err.... AREA. :D Or Naughty Bits as I've seen them called on here.


And no cutedown? grrrrr..... well... everyone vote for Chris on the NEXT cutedown. the NEXT one... Everyone vote for Chris!!!!!


serously. I don't want to look like an idiot being the only one voting for Chris after two weeks of telling people "Vote for Chris"


c h r i s s y

I didn't enjoy Ian the first time around. D:

Sarah aka KB

Chris playing dress up... fancy! Yep, Ian the cat is just weird. I don't think much more than that needs to be said.

Bridgeen in TORONTO

Nice bow tie!

It's CLASSY with Chris. :D

Oh and I think it's good there was no normal episode today, because it gives more time for Reality Bites ratings to shoot up!!!


Though this episode was brilliant, I'm not sure if it contained enough Chris to get me through a whole week...
But as a loyal cult member I guess I'll just take the extra time to visit the Reality Bites page a few more hundred times? yes.

Charlie UK

Adieu? Hope not!! Agree with you Bridgeen - Reality Bites should get more attention now. But, have to admit that i did find Ian a bit scary - as in "clown scary"... and why doesn't Kendra show her face?

Édith from québec

maybe ian the human cat is.. chris?


Bridgeen in TORONTO

Or to put both your theories together.... maybe KENDRA is Chris :O!

Or maybe not.... lol


This is one of my favourite episodes! I love the yogurt mouth!!


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