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July 01, 2008



Hi Chris I couldnt care less for this Unicorn guy, BUT I'm chatting with my girlyfriends about hot guys and I wanted to show them the hotness that you represent. However when I google Chris Leavins the only useable pics that come up are: Could yu post some preferably half naked photos on which you have a beard for me to show my friends and maybe for millions of crazy cat ladies out there?

Yours, Greg


I agree with Greg...more shirtless guys...including you.

Apparently you have a of gay fans, including me.

Love your show :)

Sarah aka KB

I've always asked for a unicorn, but my mum wouldn't let me have one :(
In England they're rather rare, and those that we have were required for roles in Harry Potter.


"The pose I'm doing is there to reaffirm my manliness."
Failure. Big, big failure.


Unicorns are usually attracted to virgins. This tells us something that I think we all already knew about Sam and Joshua.


Josh seems to have the uncanny ability to not cast a shadow.


Josh seems to have the uncanny ability to not cast a shadow.

OMG ! Vampyre !!!! eek.


Josh seems to have the uncanny ability to not cast a shadow.

OMG ! Vampyre !!!! eek.

Melissa H.

A gay boy wished for a planet full of unicorns...


yours is way better than the other guys because it looks more real


joshua, you beautiful man.

all your dreams are ALIVE.

sunshine delicious and lucky should have a playdate in the Magical Meadows of Your Dreams off route 83.


1. A boy can love a horse with a horn, too.

2. Vampires don't have reflections. They probably still have shadows but it's also probably something they won't test out in sunlight.

3. To Sam, Josh, Lucky, and Sunshine Delicious: don't let the haters bring you down!


Edie J Blige

this is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Honest.

I think someone should try to sell it to Disney when they make the corresponding chronicles of Narnia movie. I mean, who wouldn't go see that movie?


Chris! You have ADVERTISING!! Does this mean that CWC is FUNDED now?!??? Oh Happy Day! Congratulations!
I guess you probably didn't mention to the advertiser that they are supporting a cult...? ;-)


Planet Unicorn heyyy

Sam The Unicorn Man

Bitch, please.

the lighting is all off in this pic... but i do give props. Unicorns=AWESOME!


chocolate dipped unicorns taste good

i love eating me some cholate dipped unicorns taste just like chocolatey goodness with unicorn inside


"The pose I'm doing is there to reaffirm my manliness."

That ship has sailed, Josh.


Yup. Sailed. With banners flying, ribbons flapping, and pin-wheels twirling.


DOn't listen to all the naysayers, you da man josh!


Oh, but Andrea, you're under the impression that I consider a lack of manliness a fault. Not at all! In fact, I reject the notion as part of the whole patriarchal bulls**t that has served us so ill so far.

So keep your internalized misogyny to yourself, thanks very much.

little ben

Just make sure you don't tell Sunshine Delicious any bad or dirty stories! Unicorns hate that.


Dear Joshua,

The elbows pulled back "yesssssssssssss!" gesture is an awesome (albeit androgynous/kinda gay as in homosexual, not lame, but certainly happy) move, so rarely used these days, and I applaud you, Sunshine Delicious, & Chris for bringing it back to the masses.

Rainbows & Lollipops,


Josh is hilarious. And 100% man. I love you and your Sunshine Delicious friend .


Dear, My Hero Josh:

You have opened my eyes, to what manliness really looks like. I want to be just like you and wonder endlesly in the medows with my Unicorn. Maybe one day we will meet in the wild while showing off our manliness and I can show you what I have learned here.

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