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July 19, 2008



Oh Ashley, he is lovely! He would have been the one I would have picked too! My cat is partially sighted and I think she is just the best. Keller is the perfect name for him. Give him a hug for me and don't let those other dogs pick on him!!

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Hey I used to have contacts that made my eyes look like that!!!!!

Keller the CRAZY EYE!!!!!!!


bless you for adopting a special dog.


Mutant freaks ftw! He's sooo cute. What a wonderful pup.


I think he's kinda cute, in that odd freakish way...


lol @ Jo... partially sighted, someone took to many PC pills for breakfast! Can't just say mostly blind like a bat?


Poor dog!!


Somebody tell me that's a doctored photo.



hahaha a mutant freak, like helen keller! what an awesome name.


Poor thing. I feel badly for him. I hope the other dogs in his family come around.


Poor thing. I feel badly that the other dogs in his family. I hope they come around. I'll bet he's a real lovable pup.



c h r i s s y

Kind of reminds me of Sissy Spacek. :|


c h r i s s y - LMAO, you are totally right about that!!!


Aw! He's cute, poor dog! Kick those other dog's asses, Keller!


aw, poor guy - no doggie friends. I think he's a cute mutant freak!


Though I'm not deaf, I am half-blind myself and have heterochromatism (left eye is blue, right is green). I met a girl 10 years younger than me with the SAME condition a couple of years ago, living in the same city.

He's not a freak. Conditions like this are more common than you think. To be quite honest he probably thinks your other dogs are idiots though. I remember thinking that about my classmates for not understanding something as simple as vision loss. So what? Big effin deal! You manage. You really do. He'll be fine. I think he looks like a really cool dog. Congrats!

SarahS (Suki aka Taco's mom)

POor baby :(


His eye looks like the Earth from space. :)


He's beautiful. I hope things get better. Even a mutant freak needs love.


aww, the poor guy... he's still cute.. freaky but I would love him just the same, Keller can't help how he was born. :-(

Kiss kiss for him :-*


He is absolutely adorable!
.. and in some way his blind eye look kinda pretty


He's kind of cute, in a freaky, mutated way.


It is an albino Boxer! How lovely!

Jackie F.

Please call St. Hubert's Dog training school in NJ and speak with Liz Catalano, she trained a deaf Australian shepherd and is writing a book on the subject. The dog is amazing and competes in obedience classes. 973-377-0116.

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