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July 19, 2008





Austrian mice are much cuter than North American mice.


ummm... isn't that a gerbil? =P but yes, I do agree, I've no idea why anyone is afraid of any rodents really =D


pretty sure that's a gerbil, but what the hell, this is what I sick person come here for.


That the gerbiliest looking mouse I've ever seen. Who knows though - perhaps the pet mice in Australia have hairy tails and long bodies!



Austria!! not Australia!!!

that's not the same!

I know this guy, and I know those mice and they're awesome!!

this is what you sick ppl come here for [including myself]

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Hey Roy we are starting a CWC book Club - What book is in the photo!

Cute Mouse!


I used to have a pet mouse she was very sweet and adorable. Sadly, she, like all mice did not live that long (about a year and a half).

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

*OH DARN it's a TEA BOX - CRAP!*

...Roy never mind about the book thing...

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Wow - SmilinSweetpea that's a bit of a

downer - don't you think?


Actually I got two of theses beauties :-)
The second one is called Paprika ^^


I have like 12 of these,, except they're not in a cage,, and they won't hang around and be cute for me... And then my cats eat them,, which is way not cute...

c h r i s s y

This is cute! I approve. :D


Awww super cute. I agree that it's a gerbil though...I had a whole bunch at one point.


They are very cute when they're pets and in cages. Not so much when you live in the boonies and they get into the air vents in the winter. At that point, I can sympathize with people who don't like mice. :)

This little beauty, however, is positively adorable.


Totally a mouse.


Mice are cute!!! awww!!


Exactly what I (a Sick People, and also a CCL) come here for - very cute! Also my vote would also have to be - gerbil.


Definitely a gerbil. A cute gerbil, but certainly not a mouse!


As a member of the Sick People, I say WHEE!!!

What brand of tea is that?


come on guys, trust me, it's a mouse, not a gerbil - the gerbils in the pet shop were sleeping all the time
mice aren't always white and ugly


you may want to watch a video of both:


Dude, I'm sorry your petstore put the wrong label on these gerbils, but that's what they are and you should treat them accordingly.

You can tell by the tail and the way they behave (I checked your vid on youtube and it convinced me, these are gerbils).


This is a gerbil, as much as possible.
Pet shop assistants sometimes have no idea what they sell.


Cute whatever it is. I too thought gerbil, but now I'm not sure. Maybe in Austria there's a gerbil/mouse hybrid. I begged for a mouse when I was a kid and got a rat instead - all rodents are awesome!

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