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July 16, 2008



So much bad hair and, uh, girth. But, still, down-home classy folk all around.



No bad dogs, only bad owners.

Fat lady fights are entertaining though.


Of course, if she smokes around the kid and allows him to have a mohawk, I can't imagine he's much safer with her than with the dog.

c h r i s s y

Good god, that's the news I watch, haha. I swear all of us Ohioans are NOT like that. I can't believe she just LIT UP right in front of her precious toddler. That'll do more long-term damage than the bite, I think.


I can't believe this is what everyone gets to see of Ohio. This and football.



hahahaha talk about white trash! that kid has no chance with a mother like that.


hanging my head in shame at being an Ohioan. Although, these types are in all states I'm sure.


Wow. What a maroon.
That kid has no hope with a mom(dad?thing?) like that. Oh, and the kid looks fine to me. Just a huge bite. The precious little snowflake should've been kept away from the notoriously aggressive pitbull anyway.
And why was everyone featured in that video so grossly overweight?


OMG. . . . Please like that make me sad. :(


OMG. . . . Please like that make me sad. :(



There are simply no words!

Jenna from Virginia

-Shakes head- Its a shame..

I have a 1 year old pit bull named Bo. I wouldn't let him around any kids under 7.

Just because there more of a chance for him to snap at them if they tug on an ear or grab a tail. The mother should have had more sense. So should the owner.

Now the poor dog has to suffer for both parties mistakes.

ON a less serious note. It was hilarious how that lady just ran (waddled?) into that ladies house.

Demanding that police should have took action? Now they'll take action on HER. lol


Oh my god, when that woman ran out with her bra all jacked up... topping on the cake!


Hey honey c'mere! The new neighbours are on the interwebs!


it just has to be the place of my birth, doesn't it....


Lets see...morbid obesity, chain smoking teenage mothers, bloody kids, pit bulls, double-wide...feels like home to me! GO AMERICA!!


"You stay classy, San Diego."
Congradulations Chris, on quoting Anchor Man.


The obese fight made that even more worth my time :) that's good stuff, what america stands for!


It's a dogs instinct to bite if it is being cornered or rough housed by small children, it is only natural. Plus most dogs are more apt to bite if they have been abused or experienced inhumane treatment by PEOPLE.

Therefore it is never truly the dogs fault. Makes me sad.


Now DATZ some sweet whale-on-whale action rawt dare! Stay classy, Ohio!


>> Wow. What a maroon.

Yeah. What Denise said.

What an ingnoramous!


I live near Toledo, Ohio. Most of the city isn't that bad.
There are a few trouble spots though, most of which are in the southeastern part.


I hope they arrest her for assault and child don't let your baby play with Pit Bulls (or other dogs for that matter with out watching them) and you don't invade other people's homes and start beating on them..."Control your breeding...."

I'm so ashamed of the way people act in this country some times...crass, stupid and just plain ignorant.

And for the other lady who owns the Pit Bull get a leash!!! I have no sympathy for people who do not take pet ownership with responsibility and don't follow the laws that pertain to them. The only two beings I'm sorry for in all this are the dog because he has stupid owners and the baby for having a stupid mom. =(


Here is living proof of the CWC adage-bad things happen when teens forget to take their birth control.


Here is living proof of the CWC adage-bad things happen when teens forget to take their birth control.

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