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August 23, 2008



looks like you used makeup to make up those injuries.
no free stuff for you!

Sarah aka KB

Thank you Leslie - that's exactly what I was thinking, but kudos to Steph for making gooey bits!


Double Fake.


Aw! C'mon you her blood, scabs and bruises are a little bit more irridescent and...well...neon...than real ones look! Lacking any evidence of edema or hyperemia, the overall impression that I am left with is at least she tried. I still give her a B for her effort. There is interest from this young lady to study soft tissue repair sequelae - perhaps she is a budding physician or cinematic make up artist. Let's try not to discourage her from her life's calling. Way to go, Steph, from here there is only UP!


She did a good job making up the black eye there, but the drawn-on arm cuts were dubious. I think if she had refrained from zig-zagging the last one so much, she may have flown under the radar. But really, how would falling off a ladder cause a zig-zagged scrape like that?

Points for effort, but logical thinking was fail.


if her cuts were real (wich I really doubt they are) I think she Took the box and made those zig zag's in her arm on purpose. I really think she needs help. self mutalation is bad!


Mik's comments re Steph's supposed 'hairy arms' were ridiculous and uncalled for.Porn has a lot to answer for in fostering the absurd notions that women must be as thin as whippets & hairless as three year old children or they are somehow 'abnormal'.
(Ironically,a side effect of eating disorders is often increased hirsutism!)
Women have testosterone as well,buddy,and no post-pubescent woman is going to be as smooth as a pearl all over unless she mortgages her house to pay for daily electrolysis treatments or buys a razor factory.
It amuses me that when some men say they want a 'natural woman' they are in fact fantasizing about a peroxide blonde, six foot supermodel with a spray tan who bleaches her upper lip hair & spent two hours in the make-up chair to achieve that 'I never wear make-up' look.
Real women have downy hair on their arms & freckles & round tummies.Heck,in some parts of Europe,female underarm hair is considered sexy. No one wants to look like a yeti,but a little fuzz never hurt anyone.All healthy procreating adults have some.Deal with it.

Matt Blank

Last time I checked, CWC was for looking at pictures of cute (sometimes deformed) kitties and puppies and hot shirtless men, not injured people. Especially not fake injured people.




How exactly do you get accidentally cut in a zig-zag pattern?


From lightning cardboard.


These fake injuries could have been averted with the proper aplication of Tiger Tacos.


kinda looks like halloween blood and a bit of make up =/ deffinitly doesn't deserve a taco.


When good packing supplies go bad...?

Hailey PooPOO

That's a rather large nose...


Hahaha lightning cardboard.


She'll have a zigzag scar, just like Hairy Pooter! Fakeness abounds, but send her some free shipping labels for her effort, milord! I recommend "Do not open. Explosive"


that zig zag cut is pretty cool-looking




As soon as I saw her eye, I knew it was make-up, i get a similiar effect when I mess up my own. I guess she just built on it.

It's clearly fake, but she's so young you guys really shouldn't be insulting her appearance, I'm looking at you "Parsons" and "Sarah aka KB".
Lay off jerks.

Sarah aka KB

Hey, I wasn't nasty! The person below me was! When will people get that the name is BELOW the comment in these sections?

Steph inspired me to spend the day playing with makeup trying to make wounds... how'd you make the gooey bits?

chris miller

I think it's real and it breaks my heart to see her hurt. The shiny stuff is ointment; it cools, helps healing, and is the only thing you can do after almost killing your kid. Bad dad, no donut!


Hello everyone, I'm Steph (the one in the pictures), I used lip liner and black eye shadow to create the wounds, yes the zing zag was a bit OOT but c'mon its only a bit off harmless mutilation....


have your fun. i'll be the one with the cool scars.


fake! How did she get the zig zag cut?? The only part that looks real is the bruise, but that can be done with make up.. It looks like pen or red thin marker.

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