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August 21, 2008


Jill in Minn-e-SO-ta

Hey Chris, all of your hard work is definitely appreciated. We are all dying to spread the news of the cult around the world! Keep up your hard work - karma, bitch!


get it together. NOW.


Tyvek is the way to go, they make hazard suits outta that. You are building the CWC army, one t-shirt at a time, m'lord.


Tyvek? Isn't that the stuff they wrap houses in?


I learned something new today. I didn't know you could mail a package wrapped in the same stuff they wrap houses in.

At least it's lighter thank bricks.


Tyvek rocks! I share your love of packing supplies.


Tyvek is amazing! It's waterproof, durable, incredibly hard to rip. I think you'll be happy with it as a packaging material.


Dude, you are a serious shipping supply geek. ;)


I would love nightly updates! This Tyvek stuff sounds cool. So if I got a sh*tload of tyvek packaging I could make my own hazmat suit? And, ohmygod, the sticker!!


It is so refreshing to hear of the enlightenment in your young Canadian mind after being exposed to US Postal Culture.

"I like Post-its" from an American Province near Canada: Minnesota (3M).


If that's my package, I will take a picture of how it held up in the mail when I get it. :)


LOL I've been a Realtor in Cali for nearly ten years and have seen needed contracts and paperwork grow exponetially. I discovered the Tyvek mailers years ago. They are awesome. Light, indestructible and yes they are the same as the house wrap. Great product. Enjoy.


Tyvek probably takes 5,000 years to decompose, but if it gets me my shirts, then damn the Earth to hell...

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