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September 13, 2008



Weird sticky paper! He's from north Carolina not South as you labeled. Only noticed cause I'm from NC and I notice it when people get them confused. 2 different places.


The odd thing is that most people default to North Carolina, as I'm a native of SC myself. It's kind of like saying someone is from Toronto when they're from Ottawa.

During my years practicing in both the Carolinas (though mostly North), I treated a lot of copperhead bites. It is true that they are rarely fatal, as copperheads have relatively low potency venom compared to the other pit vipers. They're still nasty, nasty bites, though.

And while I'm generally not an advocate of sticky paper (horrible stuff, really), it was probably better in this situation than risking a bite. I just hope Dave dispatched the poor thing quickly.


that copperhead looks nasty!

Sarah aka KB

I'm not sure I like the idea of catching a snake with sticky paper (i'm amazed it worked), but then I really don't like the idea of a dangerous snake in the basement! Glad Toby is ok, and glad we don't have a snake problem in england!


Poor snake :(

Lor Blitzer (formerly known as lorjer/lorwithnojer oh who cares)

Maggie sadly I agree, but...A FREAKIN COPPERHEAD IN YOUR BASEMENT...that would suck!

Mel I believe you have to much time on your hands...just my observation really...

AND KB HEY!!!!!!!! I'll be back soon tell everyone HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Dave and TOBY HOORAY!!! for big tough dogs that can withstand the evil that is venom!


Awwww poor baby. Glad he's all right, though!! :)


I didn't know that dogs were immune to snake venom... pretty cool. And, I never knew you could catch snakes with sticky paper. Also good to know.

chris miller

snakes in the basement; I'd nail the door shut and call Samuel L. Jackson.

c h r i s s y

UGH. That snake picture was nasty. I'm all about not hurting animals but if there was a snake in MY basement...yikes. I don't know what I'd do!


Holy cr*p! A copperhead inside your house ?!? Glad I live in in a nice, safe major city. Worst thing I've ever seen in the basement was a roach the size of Rhode Island. Disgusting, but not actually dangerous.

I'm so glad Toby's OK.


Weird the way his lower jaw was pulled to the side by the paper and this fold of skin stuck out to one side....


FYI, the same cannot be said about rattlesnake bites; they can be fatal to dogs if not treated immediately! Please watch out for rattlesnakes and if your pet has been bitten, take them to an emergency vet. There is also a "vaccine" for rattlesnake venom that will buy you some time to get to the vet for treatment if you live in rattlesnake country.

Glad Toby's alright :)

Matt Blank

Aaah! Scary snake in your friggin basement? *looks under bed* Now I don't know if I can sleep safely thinking there might be a killer snake in here. *looks again, starts rocking back and forth*


OMG...copper heads in the basement?! I'm staying out of NC basements. Cute dog though. Glad he's ok.


Yeah, I know about the basement thing. The snake had come in through a hole behind the electrical box. I used some of that canned foam sealant in the cinder block - problem solved.


Regarding the sticky paper solution - I googled it. I nailed two sheets of sticky paper to a board and ended up catching the snake the same day Toby got bit.

Plus it's a humane way to catch critters like snakes or mice. By pouring cooking oil on the sticky paper, they can work themselves loose and crawl off into the woods.


Ooooohhhhh......I don't care which Carolina that was. Snakes in a basement??? Move, you idiots. That's nature's way of telling you to get stuffed.

Or something like that.

Christopher Horan

Thank you for this post. I live in Los Angeles and hike quite regularly at a place called Runyan Canyon where there are warnings about rattlesnakes. I do the steep side early in the morning, wearing my Cute With Chris shirt, with my dog Bella and often wonder what would happen if we ran into a problem. So thanks for the info. You also might want to think about moving, I think snakes can slither up the stairs.


Your dog is beautiful && now I know about the snake/dog/not fatal thing :)


How the f*** did you get a copperhead snake in your basement?

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