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October 15, 2008



Phoebe-Stalking is bad.

Karen Williams

hi i think the kitty should win the one that was hit on the side of the road its cute and its story is sooooo sad


gyaa lucky IS lucky o_o that poor kitty sounds like it lost a few lives already ^^;


Your not a bad looking guy about an episode where your only wearing your skivies and a smile......or a video shot of your bum (a you tube person wrote this) i just stole it to put it up here


Phoebe sounds like an interesting person there, Chris, but you might need to fear for your virtue more than your life. ;)

Sean Halsey

Hey Chris,
Why are you webasodes so short?
we wait all week to watch a show then we only see you for like 4 mins tops,

Im not doubting your abilty to do a show, i just think you could make us happier at your expense :D




i think that alone is enough for me to put this on my ipod.c:


Chris needs to bring back Pervy and Colty. Its been way too long.


am i the only one that thinks that today's episode was a little rushed?


Funny show, by the way, this week


Czech Republic or Slovakia Chris. . . Czechoslovakia hasn't been a country since 1993.


That was a great episode. I mean, I f-ing love your show Chris, but even I didn't search for that post office. That is...devotion?


14 year olds seem to have all the time in the world....


I vote for lucky. Exposed brain is super cute.


Awww Chris! given that you are Canadian and today is Thanksgiving here I was kind of hoping that you might mention it and let your viewers from all over the world know that Canada doesn't celebrate our Thanksgiving at the same time as the United States but I guess you've just lived there for too long now.

Can you even remember that we even have original programming up here, like 'Deal or No Deal, Canada'?


Yaaay Chris you made me so Happy for posting my pic of jerry!!! im not bummed out anymore cause i cant see your live shows, cause i live in Egypt..
btw im buying a T-shirtttt!!!
toutes me reves es vivant!


I feel so much connection with LUCKY! Great show, Love it!! I think I peed a little =O opps


Wow...Phoebe is...commited.

You know Chris, she really should have been blonde. Next time if you want to feature a girl named Phoebe make sure she's blonde. If there's one thing friends taught me is that all girls named Phoebe really should be blonde. And what's with all the Slovakian fans?


Its great to see how different canadians and americans are. I mean the canadian school system must be tons better. Sadly you missed geography class and think there is a country called Czeco-Slovakia.

Zhuzhu of the Wild Zhuzhu Clan in Oregon

Your show seemed a bit . . .well, i don't know .. . sucky? Must be because Live with Chris is just around the corner. To much, to soon, to quick?

BTW how is Colty, Pervy, Peanuts and Your inner child been? Haven't seen any for awhile. Concerns me. You do you murder is bad, right?

(NotScary) Mary

Chris, will you be my sperm donor? You have made my life complete by posting my dead cat Lacey's pic and story albeit via "Emotional Blackmail." We would make lovely Crazy Cat Children. Love, Mary


I wonder on what basis Chris claims that this site is the #1 site on the internet with the word Chris in the title. There appear to be sites related to other Chrises on my google search.

Maybe we need a Reality Bites-style campaign to get Chris' website at the top of the google hitlist!


Poor Luckey!!!!!!


this weeks episode was AWESOME!
And Chris, i order you to do CWC live in England :-P

p.s. stalking isn't bad as long as they don't find out...


i used to be so naive to think i could safely post pictures of myself on the internet in front of post offices. i was living in a dreamworld. thank you for destroying my hopes and dreams pheobe.

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