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October 26, 2008


Lauren from Port Moody

Vinnie IS hot shit

Tara whyland

Chris, Be nice to Carm!!! She is a fan! You can't say that stuff about not having kids and being lonely. Too far! Too far! It's funny, but mean.

Big Bad Guesa

Thank you for not including the thong pics of Carm. I mean more power to her but when you post links up here, I have no choice but to click them and well, I'm just not sure I'd like to see that right now.

Sean Halsey

Hey Chris
I watch you when you sleep
That is all


Good luck at your show Chris! I won't be able to see it, but I turly hope that someone doesn't murder you. You better post on Monday just to let us all know that you are ok!
Remember kids (and Carm) "Murder is Bad".


I absolutely cannot wait to see what Carm posts this week!

Jenny G

Let's all hope that Chris's tour won't come to a sudden halt after he meets Carm.....
Murder is bad Carm....


Ahaha.. I haven't laugh like this in ages..

Not for Carm, but some of the jokes in first half of the episode were soo funny.

Those chicken are so cute. I wish I could raise them as pets also. But not in 1-room apartment... :/


HAHAHA - Chicken Breasts!

Sorry, but that cracked me right up. Please understand - I haven't had my morning coffee yet either. :)

Richard “Dickie” Faulder

An LA-based assistant?

Hopes and dreams! Dashed!


CCL Wendy

Yay Carm! You go, girl! I can't wait to see what you're going to post next -- and especially after you meet Chris in PURRson!

Just don't strangle him with your kitty thong!


I don't understand why Carm just doesn't get her own blog, Flickr account and/or Catster account where she can post pictures day and night?

That's what I did for my animals. ;)


Oh dear lord. Carm with posting access? This... this is going to be a very interesting week, I think. SAY NO TO THONG PICTURES, CARM.

Christopher King

Chris, Carm is a great addition to your blog. Nice thinking.


Carm, for the love of Mike, PLEASE don't post your thong pictures. I might even look at your blog posts, if you promise not to post that one pic.

You know Chris, most email does enable blocking...


Oooooooooh, I TOTALLY want that CWC Live t-shirt!!! Please please please please have some made up!!!


A bit redundant but maybe one of those hairy cats can model the cat thong?
A catmodel, not a hairy CCL.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I log on for the awesome sarcasm of Chris, not the craziness of Carm.


Me and my daughter love CWC. We hope you make it to the Chicago area soon.


Cute with Chris Live on Stage! Toronto, Los Angeles, and Chicagoooo. Yes. That sounds much better. Los Angeles and Toronto? I mean come on Chris! What about the rest of North America!? This is not fair. What about the states (and/or provinces) that really matter!


BTW Chris...I would still marry you, I would push back the feelings of exclusion and abandonment just for you. Now that's special (in: Dana Carvey Church Lady voice).


Laura B

Thank you for NOT showing the picture of CARM in the thong. OMG!!!
Great're the best.


Carm as guest blogger, and 40,000 unread emails... genius.
I'd say "break a leg" for Sunday's show, but not sure how many of your fans would take that literally.


Loove those teeshirts ^O^ And Yey Donuts!


Still peeing my pants.LOL

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