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November 19, 2008


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Chris Cudworth

You are launching the please read this in a mirror project? Hmmm, catchy! I will immediately fetch some albums and play them backwards!I need stickers I can read in a mirror send them this way!


aqua colty!!!! soon soon!!!!


Perfect. In time for Christmas.


Yea! I love tshirt posts! Is Donna going to help Chris package this time?


Donna better help you. I mean, we all appreciate m'lord's personal touch, but remember what the last postal explosion (of reduced magnitude) did to you? Put Donna to work.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

Dammit....when I got my last tshirts the Australian dollar was worth 90c now it's only worth 60c...there's goes my second tshirt haul :(


Chris, my wardrobe is already full of cwc shirts, but how could I resist any more??


Yaaay! T-shirt store! I hope there will be more LadyTeen shirts since I didn't get an opportunity to get one last time...

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

Hey there Chris,
I just thought i would delurk and say thanks for your great site. I was at the show at the Theatre centre and really loved it! Thanks for all of your work!


Hooray for mass production of goodies! XD


Yay!! I am jonesing for the CWC Live t-shirt that the dastardly t-shirt manufacturer who took your money but didn't produce the tees so cruelly prevented me from getting in Tronna last month!!


Oh hell yeah, I couldn't afford to get them last time and then I got a job and you were not selling, so hel yeah your back. Though pity about the Australian American exchange rate.


YAY T-shirts! I WILL get one this time!!!


Yay! Thanks Chris! Can't wait!


Pleeeeze do a "special kitten" shirt (as a real shirt, not just ladyteen)! Please, please, please!!


Yay!! There better be more 2x!!

Kyle Dylan Conner

I'm definitely actually going to buy a shirt this time.

Michael the artmonkey

Yeehaw! holiday shopping!


Bout friggin time...I'm COLD. Where are the BUNNY HUGS????


omg I didn't even think about bunnyhugs! I want a hoodie Chris!!!!!

Cardboard Box Fairy (thnx Sarah!~)

oh no he did't just write "cardboard boxes" (what a tease!~) I got to get a life!


come on chris I have to go to work soon! I want to be one of the first to order!


Chris, why do you hate yourself so much?

Sarah aka KB

Hehe, chris loves his shipping supplies! And yes, I agree with some of the others - we need bunnyhugs chris!

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