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November 13, 2008



Nice Tommy...nice!
What a great picture Craig.


lol. I like the name of the game.

He was such a pretty kitty.


That's a pretty amazing photo :)


Tommy truly was a once in a lifetime sort of wonderful cat. Great photo, cat, and people.

Courtney in Arkansas I yearn for your cat.


CRAIG... Love your Tommy's memorial photo!

Excellent action shot.

He looks so much like my red kitty Pride, we also have a Tommy who is our blue kitty.

I can't imagine a time when they will no longer be around. Sorry for your loss.


i like the jesus picture above the tv.



Jesus is watching, Tommy, and he's calling you to jump up to heaven to be with Him!




Say baby do you wanna lay down with me?


ahh, so I see that your mom has the classic "Jesus High School Senior Picture" on the wall!!! Nice touch!

Great picture!!!


WTF?!?!?! A drum in the middle of the living room, a painted milk pail beside your mom, Jesus watching over everything you watch and a extra-cute kitty levitating thanks to the power of a pink bracelet???

Does your mom put acid in your Cheerios?

CCL Wendy

Great capture of your Tommy mid-air! I also had a once-in-a-lifetime kitty named Tommy who was an orange, long-haired red tabby and has since gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. Just know he will be forever in your heart. It's been 7 years since my Tommy passed and I still love him dearly.


I love you Craig , and RIP Tommy.


Aw, I love Tommy. ): I will miss him even if I'm just a creepy girl on the internet who never really met him or anything.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

Fabulous photo Craig. Tommy was awesome!!!

Microchip Cat Flaps

Wow what a great game. I'm going to try playing that with my cats!

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