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December 09, 2008



YAY! Someone pissed Chris off enough to create a new episode!

J. Berg

Thank you my Lord for this new glorious episode! Jason is a douche by the way.. Just throwing that out there in case no one else noticed.


Sweet comeback Chris! You tell her!!


Suck it, Lynette!


Today's asshole is Lynette!


Thank you Chris I was starting to go threw withdrawls!


get outta my cult, b*tch.... hahaha...

(i like the theatre shows and the t-shirts. does that make me a sellout too?)


It may be because I waited so long for a new episode, but this episode made me happier than the Bonus T-Pain Interview.


She better just exit the Cult quietly..


This episode is absolutely fabulous!! "I think you mean SUPER cute."

Ms Amanda

Best episode ever. I am giddy.
I'm totally gonna use "Get outta my cult, bitch."

Boogie gets my vote.


Awesome new episode! Jesus is super cute. This was worth waiting for. I want this on my tshirt now: get outta my cult b*tch!

Jim gaybear

I like the man-flesh and all, and I want to say "Let's be friends" but maybe a little encouragement for the cat will help him get off the prozac. My vote is for Shadow!


Keeping it real usually sucks. More theatre news and pictures, more t-shirt news and pictures is good!


I love naked men.


Today's b*tch is Lynette!


Man's gotta keep food on the table!
I think Chris may actually be doing this full-time.
There's no denying that there has been more focus on the theatre show and t-shirts, but as long as it's still entertaining we'll watch.


Chris, I think you did put the cat up the tellphone pole! And that totally got me off guard "Because your not the cutest I must tell you this, SHUT UP!"!


AAAAH! I am in Utah and KNOW of the uselessness of our Animal Control people in those situations. BUT, 2 things. IN UTAH... Number 1, the phone company WILL go get it. and Number 2 if you ever need to report an animal in IMMEDIATE DANGER, or cruelty you can contact the Utah Humane (NOT the Animal Control)

Oh see, now that just is frustrating to me! Because it is 1 am here and I need to go to bed, but I am literally going to go driving around tomorrow trying to figure out WHERE that cat on the telephone post might be! Even though I know that she probably sent that video to Chris weeks ago!

The Cult is not always a LOGICAL group, are we Chris?


awesome episode AS USUAL! Chris you just made my week, possibly my december. You are so funny and I think whether you keep it real or not you are awesome. u r the Funniest person ever.

mary ellen

HEY PERSON WITH THE CAT ON THE TELEPHONE POLE!!! the electric company. they will help, hopefully. animal control and fire aren't equipped to deal with electrical wires. and animal control doesn't have anything that will reach that high. hope this helps!

Mary Ellen the animal cop.

mary ellen

p.s....or the phone company. I dunno whose wires those are.


awesome new video, chris!
hope you're doing well you look a lil stressed...
don't let those lynettes and rhondas get to you! remember, rage is a lot of work... heheh


Hilarious, Chris. I'm impressed. Thank you; you've made my crummy 5:30 am morning somewhat happier.


lynette is dumbbbbbbb. does she expect you to just throw yourself at us over and over and over and over again?! and for you to not have justa lil bit of proceeds? ...i mean, i expect you to love us uncontrollably no matter what too. but i love your merchandise! :D

...i wish i still lived with my parents and wasnt independent so i could have enough money to buy your merchandise T_T!!!


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