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December 15, 2008



I'm sure that blurry, out-of-focus picture of my deceased Crocodile Gecko sure put you in a good mood.

He's dead now Chris.
How does that make you feel?


That makes me feel hungry!



Love it!

Amy, Uk x


im sure the photo does the lizard justice but they are hella smelly.


Dude, here's some canadian video of snow.

Your show kills, keep it up.

Peanut makes me horny.


Yay, Peanuts!! Is anyone else intimidated by the intensity of his sexiness? Plus he is so funny!! I think I'm in love.

I eagerly await Carly's high-quality cat picture. I can't wait to look on it and comment about its quality.

Sarah aka KB

Snot with legs *snigger*. Makes me see lizards in a whole new light.


oh joy. a high quality picture of some cat...i cant wait to critique...


Stacey Wynn

I found it really funny that while I was watching this episode I was sitting in my warm house watching my child play in the snow on the deck. It's the first time we've lived in a house with a deck like this and I was appreciating the beauty of my angel playing in the perfect snow and loving that I wasn't out in it when I received Chris's message of wanting to look at snow though a window and not wanting to touch it.

We're on the same page Chris!

Kimberly Radical

The music that ended the episode was kind of beautiful.


I don't get it. Who wants a lizard for a pet? They can't do anything! You can't take them for walks, or play fetch with them. They can't even keep themsleves warm! Lizards are just a dud of a pet.

On an unrelated note, great episode Chris!

bing lala

I love this show with a dying passion!!!!


Where is the cat's pic for us to slaughter?


chris would you like me to email you more fuzzy cell-phone pictures of my pets? you seem to have forgotten to post the one of my cats.


Carly high quality doesn't mean getting stoned and taking pictures.


Chris, you want the nice people to comment on the quality of a picture.... WHAT NICE PEOPLE?!?
There are nice people here?!? If there is, you better tell them to go away... NOW!!

That's better. Bring on the pic Chris. We're ready!


Chris, you looked better without a beard.


suck it snow, you think you're all serene and beautiful, and then you get all dirty and melt on a 47 degree day, and flood everything and by night it turns 3 degrees and stays fuckin single digit cold and then 6 more inches of your shit on tuesday, aw hell.


Peanuts, You're a hoot!

Ben Kercheval



I miss Donna. Assistant Donna would have done the commentary more justice.


I've never had a Christmas with snow before... How deprived we Australians are...


some better lighting, angle...zoom zoom?


joy gets my vote even though she doesn't look very joyful in the photo.


My vote's for the Lizard. You know, they're actually kinda soft...unless you're trying to pet a Horny Lizard, and if you piss it off, it'll squirt blood at you...from its eye. ~^.O

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