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February 16, 2009





Sorry to hear about your Mac, Chris! Hope the repairs aren't too costly for you.


Oh! Just looked at the picture of your bill... hurray for warranties!

Sarah aka KB

Don't they realise you have a cult that must be fed footage of deformed baby animals and shirtless men on a daily basis?

Does this mean they get to look at what's on the laptop? Cos they're gonna be a little bit afraid... Let's just hope they don't report you for all the teen pics (aht of course) that you no doubt get sent...


on the plus side - you're looking quite good... in a I'm-waiting-for-genius kind of way.


Neeeeeeeeeiiiinnnnn! i leibe meinen katze.


:( That's the problem with living in a large metropolitan area. When I go to get my Maccy fixed at home, they always want me to leave it overnight at the very least. But I took it to an Apple Store in Michigan, and guess what? They changed the keyboad in 10 mins while I waited.


What else is new? Always makin' excuses...


it's gonna get nasty out there, all the teens in withdrawl.
and my medication is running low.

Christine Smith

Good news: You have sexy handwriting.

Better news: You are SEXY!


I believe you called me a blackmailing bitch this morning...
excuse me when I say: Attach a mouse and quit being such a baby!


having no show this week is a sucky bitch.


the genius bar is full of doucheballs...can I say douchball on CWC?

yeah, doucheball.


Well, at least the good mostly outweighs the bad here. All your Macs are alive!


They must feel good about themselves under a big banner that says that they are genius's all day.

matt blank

I could tell from the empty Ikea-esque tables where you were. At least you posted a scruffy hawt photo for us to eye hump whilst we wait. *returns to looking at the photo*


Lumberjack Chris is dead sexy. Yum.


the dog ate your homework, eh?


Chris, you know you are lord and we love you... but if there isn't a new episode of CWC in the next 5 days I'm gonna lose my mind. Damn you Mac!

Ronda in Seattle

Lookin sexy Chris, love the hat. What are computers? I thought you beamed the cute directly to us thru these nifty tinfoil beanies we all wear... we ALL wear them right?


Your blog thinks I am a spammer. My condolences on your mac. Maybe I used ALERT words. LOL


You look remarkably calm for someone delivering bad news to legions of rabid teenage fans. And I like your shirt. But if we don't have a new video soon I'm gonna git my chainsaw.


your laptop could be encouraging a vacation


get a mouse


I like your face Chris

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