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March 24, 2009



don't they just look happy and festive?


I don't know why your subtitles on bird pictures are always so gruesome Chris. Birds are nice. Kind of like rats. You're not trying to start some kind of teen-girl bird war, are you? Because if you are, I'm 25-teen and ready to throw down.


oh beautiful birdies!! and i'm totally with you annie, give me what you got bird-haters!


Ha, I'm not sure why birds make Chris think of cannibals but I think it's hilarious. These guys are cute; I'd give 'em a nibble.


But of course birds eating people is not cannibalism. The birds would have to eat each other.


My thoughts exactly, LuDean.


Lovely birds (and great music)


ludean is right, dear chris.


Hey chris, I have birds and all are well taken care of and loved.
my lovebirds are similar but they don't enjoy biting me, yet enjoy
biting each other! they love each other because when i separate
them they almost go into depression, when their together they bite
each others feet, beaks and scream. they remind me of siblings.
-Krystal 16teen.

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