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March 24, 2009



Somtimes bald,
eyesight poor
I'd liket to slam you
in my car door


Some may argue,
but I've watched "Ben"
You look disgusting,
you ain't no "10"



Carolyn, perhaps you should try decaf, as well. SHE is the one who brought up Goth and had a little hiss because she didn't want anyone to think she (eGADS!) was goth or emo for having pink hair and a rat! There's no hating! And no labeling! Goth and Emo kids LOVE being called goth and emo because it gets them what they want... ATTENTION!
No one dyes their hair shocking pink or black and dons jet black fingernails and rats if they won't want people to talk about them.
Attention is the name of the game & just having this back and forth and people proclaiming they are NOT Goth or emo (oh my, they are too different and weird!! - they eat that up). The attention makes their black nails one shade darker.


You're not from Mars,
yet not from Venus
perhaps near Uranus??
Because you look like a pe nis



I enjoy the last haiku. :)


HA HA HA HA HA! I was checking to see if my poem verses FINALLY posted and happened to see Angelina's post and really noticed where she wrote "I am not emo, you piece of smelly poo!"

Oh, my gosh! 23, you said? Graduating college?

Still amused... A bit frightened of our future, but amused.


This Ontario-educated individual hastens to point out that the last stanza of Tova's poem isn't haiku.

Haiku consists of three lines of five, then seven, then five syllables, and doesn't rhyme. Tova's verse is closer to iambic pentameter with an ABAB rhyming pattern.

And no, I don't intend to start a poetry war.


Chris is laughing at everyone who is arguing on the page you know.


Tova, your poetry is epic! I am laughing my non-emo, non-goth, rat-hating ass off!


Tova, your poetry is epic! I am laughing my non-goth, non-emo, rat-hating ass off!


Thank you, Banananna! I have others! ;-) I give my friends a challenge, sometimes, and ask them to throw a word at me (preferably an animal) and try to come up with something in 3-5 minutes! I just happened to be inspired by the continuation of "rat wars"


If someone could post a beluga whale or a raccoon, I can share those... ;-)


wow. I just wanted to show off my pet.

I could have written Chris an email that said, look this is me with my pet rat. But I was obviously using the goth thing on purpose to be funny.

you people are mean.

i'm glad you all enjoy making people feel like shit.


I call troll.


troll troll troll


vagina (what)
vagina (what)


lols. my mum hates rats, and that may be one reason I have 8 of them.
There's no point trying to make people like something that you do.
It's like trying to make everyone vegan. Ain't realistic y'all


You know, I can't help but picture Chris leaning back in his easy chair with the slightest bit of a smirk on his face, having feeling full with the swelling satisfaction of causing yet another rat war.
He will sip on some "cranberry juice" as the drama unfolds at his whim.
He is a genius. Somebody get him a Peabody Award.


she looks so cute.


I can't believe how silly I was and how badly I wrote that email. And the rest there after. I am bad at grammar for sure, and I act very child-like even now, and I still take offense to things I shouldn't. I miss this show, and I didn't get into it until late. Funny to look back. Only 7 years ago! I miss being a dumb, silly pink haired girl...It was so much better than being a grown woman. Who gives a fuck what people think or say Angelina, if only I knew that then I wouldn't have made myself look worse. lol. oh well haha

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