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May 14, 2009



This is horrific. Why did the crazy hockey-stick guy attack him?


Did he deserve it?


Yoikes. What precipitated this?


Ok, he won...or lost...or...just feel sorry for the guy.


i want to party with him!


Poor guy,hope he feels better soon or is atleast so drugged up he thinks he is a care bear.

Single Kelly

He must have really pissed off the guy with the hockey stick.


Why was he attacked? Either way I hope he feels better soon. I feel really sorry for him so there's no need for him to feel sorry for himself. : )


I bet he has lost so much weight. Bastard.
Sucks about his jaw, he has my pity.


Awe. I hope he gets better.


The same thing happened to my cat.

...Only the guy with a hockey stick was a ceiling fan.

I wish him well!


He needs a really good personal injury attorney. I suggest you get one asap and take lots of pictures.


be careful not to throw up when your mouth is wirede closed. not a pretty sight!


oof, that's rough! I lost count of how many times I flinched while reading this. I had a friend who had a surgery that required her jaw to be broken first, so I know how that goes already. best of luck to anonymous hockey man!


you'll want to stock up on soup n instant poe ta toes ;)


I was distracted by his strikingly blue eyes to notice anything else... at first.

Now I just feel sorry for him.. :(


I would feel sorry for him, but my knowledge of humanity tells me that very few times do people become so drastic as to hit someone three times in the face with a hockey stick unless the conflict had been building for quite some time. In most cases, both parties could have done something differently way before the actual confrontation, so while he may be a victim maybe he should have handled his own way better than he did in order to avoid becoming the human pinata.


Who mugs someone with a hockey stick? I mean, really.


Same thing happened to my 16 year old brother.
He was beaten up,had his jaw broken among other things,some of the wires were not put in properly ,one of the wires snapped and nearly killed him.
Not going into detail,its so disgusting what happened. :(

I feel for this guy though,apparently its the most frustrating thing to have your jaw wired.Feel better soon :)

dentist in memphis

Pity on him.

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