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May 10, 2009



1. no offense, but you're not THAT pretty.
2. maybe you should dress better if you want people to pay attention to your "intellect." bras were made for a reason.


Yes, step 1 might be to wear a bra.


not really that pretty


Uhhh..... no.


Come on, guys, I'd say she's pretty (using my imagination a bit, though, due to the big-fat-blur)

Esc Tech Site


I can see through her shirt. Not the best but enough showing to get more attention then most girls.


Kelsey, you're beautiful. I do, however, suggest either a bra or a thicker skin to defend you from those who will undoubtedly comment on your appearance.


*On the loud speaker* Kelsey. You left your headlights on. Kelsey.


I second (quadruple?)the need for a bra. Not only because it is unattractive and gives people certain impressions you may wish to avoid, but also because you don't want "the girls" hanging down to your belly button by the time you're 40. Support is a happy thing. A more mature, professional look may help with people noticing your brains more.


Typical, in the manner of slightly pretty people who believe in their own minds that they are gorgeous.


P.S. Lime green is not your color.


With a haircut and new wardrobe, she could be gorgeous! Until then : FUG.


nothing would give me more satisfaction right now than punching you in the face :D


go for a little bit more conditioner and a little bit less nipple


Screw the bra, check out her nips.


She's perky.


Her hair looks a little dry, and when she tells Chris about guys hitting on her cause she's "pretty", I suppose prettiness is when people don't wear bras.
This is a note for the "unpretty" people:
Don't Wear bras.
We Can All Be As Pretty As Kelsy Now.


if by pretty you mean looks like a convenient sausage wallet then yes. if you mean pretty like a person, then no.

Vanessa King

I've found that you can be attractive (more, even, if I do say so myself), and be taken seriously. You can also be respected and looked to for your intellect and knowledge--but not when you look like a candidate for a "Girls Gone Wild" video. Stop trying to get attention/fame and--if you're really smart--get a degree in one of the important sciences and try to solve some of the world's big problems.


The Question mark hooks around her perky nipple


??? So this is what is pretty nowadays ???

I hate to say it Kelsey, but your problems might have just begun. Who is stupid enough to send a picture of themselves when they look like that? I hope that you have a sense of humor, as you have just been labeled the skank of the week.

Chris - 19 (South Carolina)

PS. Hey Chris, please blur out the entire picture. No one wants to see that.


Why is everyone commenting on your fashion? Your fashion is not your problem here. Chris said "this is too easy" BECAUSE YOUR FACE IS EFFING GNARLY AND ITS HILARIOUS THAT YOU COULD THINK YOUR ABNORMALLY PRETTY. He blurred out your face because you have a body that suggests a potentially attractive face... and then we click the link and see WOW!!! If you get lots of guys its probably because your a butterface and guys think your easy pickings. Doesn't it feel better now! See you don't have to worry about being pretty after all!


HAHA Her email was a joke, right? It HAD to be.


Maybe they were commenting on how bad she looks without noticing her brain (or lack thereof). Yeah that's it.


She is fucking hot!!!! Everyone saying she isnt is just jealous cuz they are ugly. I would pound on that!

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