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August 06, 2009



chris looks like david blaine...

anyway, sorry about your cat's sudden death. i can't believe no one woke you up! sheesh ~ families can be such douches sometimes.


im not a big cat person but she was so fluffy i wish i could have pet her! rip kitty :(


Maybe Chris squeezed her too hard? J.K. - Sorry you lost your kitty.


Stop taking pictures of your friends abusing their pets Lauren.


Precious reminded me of my deceased cat. He looked exacty like Precious down to the lion cut tale. Accept he was cream and white. I know how you are feeling. I still miss mine so much after all these years. The only solace is I can guarantee you will think about Precious later down the line and not be sad, but smile and laugh at all the good moments you had. RIP, Precious

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Aw, I'm so sorry about your cat. That would completely crush me.

By the way, is that a Flogging Molly shirt?


is that a deceased cat? i am sad to see it.


No no, that is Precious about a week before her passing. She is very much alive here.


That cat looks really nice. I'm sorry for your friend. My family also didn't let me know my dog had died (I was out of the country).

RIP Precious

Chris from the pic here. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, "NO NAME FOR YOU", it is a Flogging Molly shirt. It is full of holes, some of which were caused by Precious.

RIP Precious

Chris' mom here: Good Grief. He went to bed knowing the cat was sick, and she died in the room outside his bedroom while he slept. He didn't hear us crying and screaming. But here's the thing: we thought he was at work and didn't realize he was still home until a couple of hours later. So the moral of the story: give your mom your schedule or get up before 2 pm.

Single Kelly

Looks like Precious was very ready for the sweet embrace of death.

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