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September 03, 2009



Wow that's amazing. At least Brownie's okay now.


Poor Brownie! Now I feel sad...


Oh come on...I doubt someone did that on purpose but rather the cat was in the way of a stray arrow. There was something like this this year involving a human in new york city who accidentally got hit by a stray arrow on the street all the way from practice grounds. If someone had actually been hunting the cat for sport I'm sure they would have finished it off there seeing it had been hit in the head and was still alive. Not that it isn't sad though...


Don't believe that it was just a "stray arrow". You see these horrible people aren't necessarily "hunters", they just wanted to hurt animals. They would be happy to see a cat running away with pain.

I live in Hong Kong and from time to time you'll find kittens with broken legs or chopped tails left to die on the street. Some people do it for fun.

Btw, very brave kitty.


At least he's all right! Poor thing! :(


I don't think there's anything "stray" about an arrow flying through the air and hitting a cat in the dome.


I once treated a cat who came in with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his chest. Fortunately, it had glanced off a rib and just tracked up under his skin like this one, so he did fine. Have treated a lot of gunshot wounds, as well. Usually they're intentional, not accidental. People are evil.




It was you, wasn't it, Janina?


OOMG WHY. I don't even want to watch that video.


I cannot believe Janina said that it could be accidental!! There is no way it was an accident. People are cruel and like to see animals suffer for the sport of it, or worse, it leads to other criminal activities. Murderers usually first begin with torturing animals. I am just soooo upset right now it is bringing me to tears. But at the same time, I am happy for little Brownie and that he is going to be ok!!


that's horrible! What is wrong with people???


Animal abusers are on the same level as pedophiles and baby murderers. I DOUBT he just happened to be in the way. Some kid, who was probably fucking around with the arrow before he and his friends smoked alot of weed, shot the poor thing...and didn't give a shit if it lived or died. I hope they find that bastard and fire an arrow through his/her genitals.

Wow. That's horrifying. I'm glad it turned out all right.


I agree with one of the comments on the news website... although it is horrifying, I think it is a good thing that cases of animal cruelty be publicized. It brings awareness to the problem and scandalizes the act. It may seem like Common Sense 101 to you and I, but a disturbing number of people out there are not keen to the fact that animal cruelty is a heinous crime.


I'm horrified. No matter whether it was intentional or accidental, the poor cat must be traumatized. I hope the poor thing will be able to make an emotional and psychological recovery as well.

Animal abuse is unforgivable. There truly is a special place in hell for mutilating and killing defenseless creatures.


Awww, a Phineas Gage kitty!


Um, well, yes, freak accidents DO happen. I won't elaborate, but let's just say I've learned the hard way that bottle rockets, while fun, aren't necessarily fun for the poor random bird who happens to be going by...



This is absolutely evil. Whilst we have bigger concerns in the world at the moment, nevertheless this is abhorrent and whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone with so little regard for life is making a mockery of their own. This was brutal, unnecessary and absolutlely without reason. I am sickened.

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I'm an animal lover but I don't have animals at home. I just don't want them to get hurt I always respect animals freedom. There was a time when I found a dead kitten near our backyard. The kitten was chop 'cause I can only see the head and from a distance her/his one leg. In my horror I cried upon seeing it.
I don't know if it's a human who did it or just another animal out there. Hope everyone knows the importance of the existence of this living creature.

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