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October 05, 2009



Hooray for frenchies! She's adorable. Hope he didn't get her from a pet store, though.

Sean Galbraith

Replaced by a French Bulldog? Well done!


Circle of life.


Remember, don't squeeze her too hard ^^;


wow you loveing viewers by the second chris, theres only four comments here out of what used to be 100


Adorable dog! What's her name? But please tell your friend not to let her eat Precious' cremation certificate...that's just adding insult to injury. :(


RIP Precious

Chris from the pics here. Her name's Belle, and in about a year she'll be getting a friend to keep her active, whom we intend to name Sebastian (get it??). I was showing her Precious's ashes and cremation certificate as props while I explained to her the size of the shoes she needs to fill. She's not from a pet store, but from a lovely Russian couple with awesome accents!


So thoughtful that he should wear the same T-shirt to take both pictures... Either that or he only has the one...


pup has a look of knowing there's a previous reputation he cannot live up to...yet.


Goodness... Who replaces a cat with an ugly dog!? I guess we all mourn in our own way. =P

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