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July 27, 2010



Hmmmmmmmmmm... I am not an expert on animal husbandry, but it looks like he may be prepping it for something else entirely...

Obligatory Pervy shout-out: Hit that donut!


Looks like I'm getting a new tattoo! Hmmmm. I think it'll be Chris' mug and the statement "My puppy is an honour student at the Chris Leavins School of Cuteness".
On my left butt cheek. Sweet hell, I'm classy.


hot dayum Jenn you are classy!!! as for the dog, he is ADORABLE!

Kewt and Kool

kewt dog

Rant Masta

Where the F**K have you been? It's been over a year now. Your self imposed hiatus is over sir! We need you back. Come back or just let it all go, the site and everything. We have all supported you and bought shirts and other things but the day has come for you to get back in the game.

Rant... over.


Gob Bluth!!!! Epic! Does he do the chicken dance? ;)


LOVE the name!! Just wanted to say. :D

Adam loves shitzu puppies

Babyshoes Gob Bluth the 4th, I love his name! It’s really funny. Is there a story behind it? I would love to know. He looks very cute and he seems to be really enjoying himself with his pink octopus stuff toy. This just made my day. I wish I could have one. You got a very photogenic puppy there. It’s like he really made a pose for the camera. I’m happy I’ve came across your post here on May I know what breed is he? Thank you very much. I hope I’ll see more post from you around here.


Hey Adam,
Sorry I didn't see your comment until now!
His name was supposed to be a combination of smart and stupid. There was a bit character named Babyshoes on the tv show House, and then of course Gob is from Arrested Development, my favourite character of all time!
I added 'the 4th' to make him more distinguished and perhaps open the door into British high society.
The breed is Miniature Schnauzer. He's great. Stubborn, but great!

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