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September 19, 2010



what the hell? what is wrong with that kid?


Thats awful. I hope she's chillin in kitty heaven.


That's....horrifying. Poor kitty! :c

Heart Health

What happen to this sweet little cat ...sad kitty!!!ur daughter has done a very good job ..Even i like to dress up my pets ... Take care of ur kitty well...Thanks for sharing ur wonderfull time with us..


I am so sad. that has to be the most adorable cat in the world. a part of my heart died when i got to the end of the post. i will NEVER see a kitty that cute again!! *cry*


that's a fucked up kid. They have psychological tests for that kind of thing you know.


im the dauhgter im cute now
ya mitzi boppers was the darn right cutest cat ever to walk on earth we still have those clothes and her loked in our memories!

Erins Friend

shes lying, she still looks just like that. Just with more attitude.

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