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December 29, 2006



IS THAT TRUE??? OMG! it's like fate brought you and hoppy together. all your dreams are alive!!


How wonderful! How did I miss that? Oh... I was being Grinchy and avoiding holiday TV. Even if it was on CBC.

Was a mild Christmas, hunh? Always nice when Toronto is Canada's hot spot (take that Vancouver... and yeah, Stephen Harper, there IS something that 'global warming' thing). If I'd known you were around I'd have bought you a Timmy's. Are you a double double man or is that Colty's fave?


I watched that show!
It was such a cute story... and that tube sled track thingy they built through the forest was crazy!
it made me want to have a pet deer.

B-rad G.

Hoppy, you have hopped right into my heart.


I met Hoppy, it was a real thrill to look into those big brown eyes!
biologist Beth Girdler


I saw Hoppy on CBC Newsworld tonight. It was a great story. Who wouldn't want such a badass pet?


Yeah, it's a sweet story and I'm glad Hoppy is doing so well, however... MOST "lost, abandoned" fawns actually are just waiting for Mom to return. About 99.9% of them, in fact. Use extreme caution when "rescueing" a fawn, since taking a deer out of its habitat outside of hunting season is not only illegal, but usually not in the best interest of the animal. Deer are NOT domesticated animals, and the adult deer do NOT make good pets. If you find a "lost" fawn, don't go near it. Don't pick it up. Call your local game warden or fish & wildlife department and report it. You'll be doing that baby a favor.

dr klunk

i watched this documentary. the deer was found in a weakened state laying in their driveway and on the verge of dying from dehydration. he roamed free in the woods around their house and wasn't really held in captivity.


I'm depressed about the follow up. Hoppy was seen again, but hasn't been seen since. Is he dead? I need somebody to tell me he is alive and hoppy!


that is so sweet! All together now....


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