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January 18, 2007



Does my vote count extra since I'm first? I'm afraid I have to go with Penny the Dog. She's the best dancer.


I think I'm going to have to do with the dog... One of those so ugly it's cute things....


Even thought I'm Canadian, I have to go with Gay Bob. After all, gays are always the trendsettters, and he was probably the one setting all the hair trends that Penny is using in her salon.

Dead Robot

I'm going for the Dog. I'm not a dog person but man o man, that hair has GOT to win!


Penny the Hairdresser Dog


See, I am a cat lover and would normally go for Gay Bob... but after seeing such enthusiasm and hardworkedness (yeah, I know its not a word, eh) I am going to have to go with Penny the Torontoian hairdresser. Even though I think her hair is just a little too pouffy.

Have you considered a nice perm?

The Dishers

The cat is cute, but that dog's dancin' won our hearts. We vote for the dog.


this is rigged! gay bob is probably a dancer and a hairdresser too. why does he get ONE photo and Penny gets a whole filmed segment? i vote GAY bob. gay bob 4 evah!


I'm originally from Wisconsin, so I was originally going to go with Gay Bob. But then I looked again at the dog. How can she stand it where it gets that cold without any furr! Sympathy vote for the dog.


Gay bob rocks

not that I'm attracted to him in anyway. that boa is kinda hot, in a not-so-homo way


I vote Gay Bob....gotta support a sista! I think I have a matching boa like that somewhere.




It was a close one, but the sailors outfit on Penny in the photo won my heart. And I'm Canadian.


gay bob is the cutest! all his dreams are alive!


I didn't know we were about stereotypes, just because a cat is fancy and is wearing a boa, does not mean he is gay. If he is wearing at Hamburger Mary's, well that is a different story. Jill


Totally Gay Bob!! He pulls off a boa like no other feline could. Though it takes talent and hard work to run a beauty shop, that has nothing really to do with cuteness.


penny is sooo cute. i vote for penny


I'm gonna have to go with Gay Bob on this one. Sorry Penny the Dog you just really aren't that cute.


Gay Bob! Gay Bob!


I can't stand two things in this world. one: small dogs. two: canada. yes i am from us. so my vote goes to gay bob.


Penny the Dog scares me more than Colty.
I'm going to have to go with Gay Bob.


definitly gay bob.


gay bob!!!


why can't America and Canada Just live side by side in peace and harmony? Like ireland, sweet, loving Ireland!
But back to the point! as much as i hate to judge animals by their looks, it's ok in my little irish world, to judge them by who they are! While that cat is gay, the dog can wear cloths, run her own salon and dance! my vote goes to the dancing dog!


Gotta go with the dancing salon dog.

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