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January 18, 2007



Gay Bob is much cuter than that other... thing. In the stone age, the dog would have died within the first three days of its life.


I have to go with the dog. He dances and sits in a chair - just like me! Aren't dogs wonderful? Also, I have a big problem with pink furballs coughed up on my white carpet.




the cat, the cat the cat!


Gay Bob is obviously cuter than that horrific tiny shaved dog although the cat in the sock. who is not elegible this time, TAKES THE CAKE,is WONDERFUL and is the CUTEST OF ALL!!! I love that cat and so does my cat, Chatchat and my friend Charlie the dog who is also very cute.


I'll vote for a fat tabby over a hairless mutt any day!


Big, fat, gay cat. I vote for that.


the cat! DUH! that is the most disgusting dog i've ever seen. cats rule! but lemme tell you...if chris was in the line up...i don't think the cat would stand a chance...


Look at Gay bob! With his little boa. He probably does facial exercises in the mirror. I vote for him!


Gaybob has the large child-bearing hips I demand of all my gays from Wisconsin.

Oddly enough, Penny has the big hair of all the big-boned gals I've seen in Wisconsin.

Penny looks very nervous and that is not cute.

I vote for GayBob.


I vote for Gay Bob. He is absolutely fabulous. Poor Penny looks like another drugged out hair dresser with no talent or sense of style. Any goof can jump around in circles but it takes raw talent to strut around in a boa to Its Raining Men. Besides Bob looks way more pampered than Penny. Sadly for being a beautician Penny can't even control her own Chinese Crested locks.

BTW I just wanted to express to the people who send Chris letters about the cute guys he features on his show. Quit your bellyaching that he hasn't shown any lately. The eye candy is nice, but his show isn't about hunky man meat. I will be happy to see more animals availale for love at Glendale.

Eric Mabius for the next CUTE GUY!


Gay Bob is the best. I mean c'mon, the boa sets off his eyes. And look at that creepy hairless dog, the sailor outfit just screams poser...


Gay Bob. That dog scares the bejesus out of me.

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