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January 17, 2007



AUGH! That game is addicting! How do you get to Level 2? I've gotten all the bombs, I've gotten high scores... is there a trick to it? Or is there simply no Level 2 to get to?


there definitely is a level two, (and three and four and five!). line the charcters up in rows of three. the goal is to turn the background on all squares white. if you do that in the time allowed it will take you to the next level. goood luuuuck! soADDICTIVE. its ruined my liiiiife!


is he related to skeet?


Damn you Scuba Steve! I am wasting too much time playing this Farm Hustle game. Argh!


AHH!! I just wanna send u to ur rooms... y don't u let me?? ='(


AHH!! I just wanna send u to ur rooms... y don't u let me?? ='(

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