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February 15, 2007



I can't believe this has remained a secret to me. i live in Ottawa (to the right of Saskatchewan, the big weird shape in the middle) and had NO idea that the hoodie had been renamed the bunnyhug. I love it! It's like *wifebeater* but cuter. YAY CWC :)

ps... i'm spreading the term bunnyhug around ontario now... you can't have it to yourself Saskatechewan! All your dreams are dead!


I'm gonna guess it's because the big pocket in the front is kind of like a muff, and muffs were usually made out of bunnies (sorry bunny peeps, but it's true). How it came to refer to a hooded sweatshirt with no front pocket is beyond me, though.


I've heard that it originated from a dance called the "bunny hop"
you put your hands around the person in front of you right aroung where the pockets of a hoodie are. (i'm from NY so i'm just gonna call it hoodie, but bunny hug sounds so much cuter. it's made of EPIC WIN)
after that, sears and macys started making hoodies with pockets and the rest is history. I'm thinking that the bunny hugs made it easier to do the "bunny hop"


hey Chris i am from SASK yay the gropher province, oh and people IF MY CAT RUNS AWAY I CAN'T SEE HER RUN THE NEXT 5000 MILES! anyways ya its a bunnyhug i got the same one as u chris!
and not just teenage girls, gay bears, and crazy cat ladys watch ur show, lots of emo girls who are about to become teens watch it 2 i am one of many.
and the bunnyhug got its name from a dance called the bunnyhop where people formed a chain by wrapping their arms around the waist of the person in front of them.
and their hands are right where the pocket is now HA and people said i was stupid


Still have seen nothing definitive on the origins of the name. This linguistics studen from U of S has made a research project of it. If this guy hasn't figured it out yet, I don't imagine we can find anything definitive.

It's funny... I am from Alberta and hadn't heard of it until a friend from rural Sask mentioned it, yet my husband (born in Sask but moved away as a kid) has never heard the term. Next time we're in S-toon I'll have to poll his family to see if it's still a cultural touchstone.


To anyone who dissed canada, HEY.
suuuure, the stupid Quebec politicians wanting to LEAVE canada? seriously,, your NOT going to become hero's to your little posse of frenchies. and your not going to stop global warming, your just going to ruin the economy of canada, which is ONE OF, i repeat ONE OF, the strongest in the world.

-sierra, 13


I'm going to call it a bunny hug from now on! OMG! That's so cute.


not much more to contribute except that im also from The City That Rhymes With Fun and we get lots of exchange students at the uni who dont know what a bunny hug is either. I used to get upset when people would call them hoodies because i thought it sounded stupid when it so obviously is a bunny hug. Then I found out that we are the ONLY FREAKING PLACE on earth that calls them bunny hugs so I refocused my energy into teaching Americans that the proper word is "touque", not beanie.

'Gina boy

I just wanted to point out that as a Skatchy born and raised, hoodie has always sounded dirty to me. It being, you know, slang for part of the female anatomy (or a piercing thereof) and all. I'm sticking with bunnyhug.


Ahh the bunnyhug! *claps* go saskatchewan!


Saskatchewan is the third box from Right? Not unless you are standing in Regina and facing the States. Most folk would say third from the left.


i live in omaha, ne...
we call them hoodies fasho.

is it really ruh-GY-nuh? or is it ree-GY-nuh?
i've totally been saying reh-GEE-nuh my whole life.


My best friend's from Canada, and when I first heard her say 'Regina', it shocked and appalled me. :D


I Live in Saskatchewan, and I do use the term bunnyhug over hoodie. I don't really know why we call it that. Every since I young people called it that, and i just picked it up. But to me I see a bunnyhug as a hoodie with no zipper. And a hoodie which has a zipper. But maybe that's just me...:)


BUNNYHUG! I grew up in the GTA, but I had a Saskatchuwan friend, and I always thought it was such an awesome name.


Hey Chris, just so you quit whining:

When I first showed my friend one of your podcasts, she immediately noticed that you said "sorry" like a Canadian.

So YAY! you're an exotic foriegner.

P.S. - my "sister" wants tips on how to do a webshow. Alice. You should email her back, she was pretty excited.

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