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April 16, 2007


Victoria & Kim

Nice advice for Sara. You might also mention she try surviving on mac and cheese and top ramen. My "cute" vote goes to Skara. She's SO cute!


I like your advice; it's too bad that Sara will have to look even lower for a job, as there there aren't any Target's in Alaska.

I love your show.


Hello Chris. Or is your name really Christopher?? I would like to say that I actually towels. I own way to many, and their always creeping around the house while I am not looking. Tis freaks me out. What shall I do?


ok, yea i know it like soooo late and all, but the name is pronounced scar-a. its just spelled skara........well i dont know y but yea.......


-sigh- I found it kinda sad that you actually had to explain who Stephen Harper is.
Every Canadian knew/knows who Bush is/was!! And everybody at my highschool was pulled out of class and we all watched Obama's Inauguration on the hallway TVs :(

-sniffle- I-I wish America would notice Canada a little more. I mean, C'mon we have plenty of plutonium and uranium, and building a facility to make nukes would only cost about 100mil dollars; which isn't all that much. We could do it in the dark, and even if there were any political figures in Parliment that didn't like it, and tried to leak secret information from the government, Canadian law can have them in jail in a couple months, for life!!

Just watch it America!! CHEDAR WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE (he just wants to be loved)

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