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May 31, 2007



Suck it, Latawnya.

Didja notice that all of Sylvia Scott Gibson's horses have some serious overbites? And really fucked up legs, too. I'd be doing drugs, too, if I were drawn that badly.


Is this a subliminal way of telling us Colty needs rehab?

Heather G

I'm one of these new hits that you've been getting. You were the editor's pick or something on YouTube, so I watched. Now I'm somewhat obsessed. So are all my friends.

We all want to buy you a draaank.


Whoever assigned this an ISBN was obviously riding Black Beauty.



wow, After reading that I think maybe I should write a book and get it published too. :p

Oh and congrats on all the publicity! :)


That was one of the most hilarious things I've ever read - and the pictures just sealed the deal. Makes me wonder if Colty changed her name after that shocking tell-all was written about her.


Is it just a coincidence that this drug-using horse has a black girl's name?


sylvia scott gibson, the author, is black.


This book's message is so touching, and so relevant even today. Sadly, most horses these days can't read. They CAN, however, watch cutewithchris. I wonder if Colty would gather some friends to act out this captivating story so that Mrs. Gibson's message can reach horses everywhere.


I am going to have to start hanging out around horses.


i'd like to know how the horses can use lighters to spark their joints?


My lord! That was just ... I don't even know what say.

Fun fact: I have visited Mound Bayou Mississippi (where the author was born) a few times. It's a VERY tiny historic town in the Delta region. Look it up sometime. :)


Have you seen the reviews on Amazon:

This is the tale of three African American horses (Latawnya, Latoya and Daisy), who leave the stable and get drugs from four white horses (Connie, Chrystal, Jackie and Angie). It is a timely and poignant tale that will leave you laughing, crying, and making scary noises.

It starkly and accurately presents the real dangers horses in black neighborhoods face from Caucasian equine drug pushers; when one of the horses died of a drug overdose, this reviewer wept openly. This is a lesson all children, foals, calves, chicks and cubs must learn before it is too late.

A classic of our time. Get it while you still can.


I would like to thank God for Cute With Chris. "Thank you, God."


Anyone see Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie version?

Lady Phoenix

Anyone have a mirror of this? I am not a card-carrying dues-paying Archives Member of, so I don't get to see what this is all about.... :(


To Lady Phoenix:I've found an alternative link for the book.
(I didn't have archive access to SA either).
For some reason,it reminds me of the doping scene from the Goodies'episode 'Black & White Beauty' where they have stuffed horses smoking cigarettes & mainlining.Only *they were kidding*!
For all my CWC buddies in the US,you should check out The Goodies on Catastrophegoodies' YouTube channel.Funny stuff).


Ohhman; just found this. And theres a new working link, took me a while to find, but it exists.

The best part is that its about the author's family, but as horses..
"By Sylvia S. Gibson"
"mother horse, Sylvia..."
"She lives in Long Beach, California, with her husband and six of her eight children.."
"Latawnya had a very large family; she had seven sisters and one brother named Gregory."

..real life experience? It think so.


Sylvia SG has eight children total, Latawnya has 8 siblings.. clearly, Latawnya OD'ed.

If thats true, I will quite possibly feel bad. But.. a poorly written childrens book about drugs and alcohol in memory of your daughter? Hmmm.

vibram fivefingers

Thanks for the shout out... It was an honor and privilege to take the pressure off of you during your LIVE tour...

Jordan Spizike

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